“Cold Fusion” by Harper Fox


Their love is the catalyst that could save the planet…or cost their lives.

As an environmental activist for Peace Warrior, Kier Mallory never hesitated to throw himself into dangerous situations. Until his hotheadedness costs the lives of two fellow crewmembers on an anti-whaling mission.

He finds no refuge in his hometown on Scotland’s north coast, where everyone knows what this son of a broken fisherman has done. Effectively homeless, Mal returns to one of his favorite places—Spindrift, a rustic colony of artist and crafter huts.

Spindrift is dilapidated and empty, save for a lone resident. Vivian Calder, a brilliant but emotionally detached scientist who appears to have done the impossible—mastered cold fusion. A clean, free, limitless source of power.

Despite Viv’s aversion to contact, a fragile bond forms between them, seemingly one atom at a time. Until Mal, determined to redeem himself by revealing Viv’s accomplishment to the world, brings down the wrath of an oil-dependent establishment, risking not only their love, but Viv’s life.


If I told you that I was reading a new romance about cold fusion, you might look at me like I’m crazy. Is, um, cold fusion…sexy? Romantic? Interesting?

Well, it is if the mastermind behind the breaking of the code is Vivian Calder, a distant, loner living in an abandoned artist compound, with little to no human interaction whatsover. But the man can sport a pair of work overalls like nobody’s business.

Enter in Kier Mallory, a disgraced activist who returns to his childhood hometown to find…something. Redemption? Forgiveness?

The friendship forged between these two is awkward, tentative…partially because of the oddities and quirks of Viv’s ways. And partially because Kier himself is uncertain of what he wants. But as the two come together, there is a connection between them that breaks barriers and destroys their inner walls.

I found Viv to be utterly charming and his lack of filter in saying exactly what he’s thinking was both humorous and heartbreaking at times. Harper Fox managed to write a character with Aspergers that didn’t make you feel sorry for him. He was strong and capable and curious and brave. And I loved that.

Kier was a little harder for me to warm up to. Possibly because the story was told in his point of view, I sometimes found him to be selfish and frustrating to get to like. This eventually changed as his feelings towards Viv changed. His love and care for Viv made Kier become my hero.

The story is beautiful and written in that stunning, lyrical and atmospheric way of Harper Fox’s. I was mesmerized with the story’s build up.Tantalized by some really hot lovemaking between the two. And then traumatized by a plot twist that had me in knots. Agonized over what I feared would end badly.  But by the end…so wholeheartedly satisfied by a lovely lovely book.


There’s something quirky about this book that’s unexpected. I think it comes from the intriguing and impossible-not-to-love character of Viv. It’s not just how the author writes a character with Aspergers, though she did so with care and thoughtfulness. I just so enjoyed taking this journey in getting to know him and watch him experience new things and come out of his protective shell a bit.


There’s instalove here…not gonna lie. But there’s such a “rightness” to this coupling of Mal and Viv that it’s almost unnoticeable. Mal and Viv just fit together, in a way that no one else would fit the other. And that destined-lovers angle makes every emotion in this book feel so DEEP, so significant. Harper Fox is PRO at writing can’t-live-without-you romances, of which Cold Fusion is one.


Holy cow this book had me in anxious stitches the home stretch. I wavered between hopeful and bleakness with each page of the last 25%. The entire story had a melancholic air to it. But, as the plot worked itself out, it turned into full-blown angst…and I was a sobbing mess. Get your tissues ready.

bookisforWell, if you’re a Harper Fox fan, you will not be disappointed. That’s for sure. What this books offers is gorgeous prose, imperfect characters who make an unlikely, but fierce coupling, a lot more on-page sex content than I’m used to from this author (not complaining! HOT!)and hit-you-in-the-gut emotional pull.


coldfusionTITLE: Cold Fusion

AUTHOR: Harper Fox
RELEASE DATE: January 5, 2016
BUY LINKS: Amazon, ARe, Samhain

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