“Foxes” by Suki Fleet



When Dashiel’s body is found dumped on an East London wasteland, his best friend Danny sets out to find the killer. But Danny finds interaction difficult and must keep his world small in order to survive. By day he lives in an abandoned swimming pool and fixes electrical devices to trade for supplies, but by night, alone, he hunts sharks—a reckless search for dangerous men who prey on the vulnerable.

A chance meeting with an American boy selling himself on the streets throws this lonely existence into disarray. Micky is troubled, fragile, and Danny feels a desperate need to protect him—from what, he doesn’t know. As Danny discovers more about Micky, he realizes that what Micky needs saving from is the one thing Danny can’t help him fight against.

To save Micky, Danny must risk expanding his world and face something that scares him more than any shark ever could: trusting he will be accepted for who he is. If a freezing winter on the streets, a sadistic doctor, and three thousand miles don’t tear them apart first, that is.


If you’ve not heard of Suki Fleet, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised. I believe she is under-celebrated and this is such a shame. Let’s celebrate her a moment, shall we? *tosses glittery confetti* She has a superpower…she gives impressive life to her characters. A true master at creating deeply powerful connections between the reader and her character. Her stories become very personal and reading is an intimate exchange; I take a piece of the tale and the story takes a piece of me. I have great respect for her superpower, it totally rocks.

There are many wonderful things to love about Foxes, but my absolute favorite would simply be Danny. Danny deserves countless things but love is at the top of the list. Being loved is something that he hasn’t gotten enough of. I wish to help change that. My heart is bursting with Danny-love and I hope you give him a chance to demonstrate why you should will love him too. I don’t imagine it will take long. He is extremely lovable.

Danny lives in London. He is homeless, orphaned, marred with significant scars, and carries an enormous heart in his chest. He is also my hero. His best friend (only friend) was his everything and his murder a few weeks prior has shattered Danny. The only reason he finds the strength to get up each day is because he has made it his life mission to avenge Dashiel. All that matters to him is investigating possible suspects, or ‘sharks’. Then he meets a beautiful boy that consumes his thoughts. He scolds himself for losing focus but sometimes you have no choice but to follow the stars. Micky is radiant, so bright that Danny is afraid to look yet he can’t look away. He could never have such a brilliant boy but his heart won’t listen to him.


Quality new adult with a bit of steam. If you prefer a little heat with your young love you will appreciate the innocent discoveries these two share. Micky might sell his body on the streets but he is the first to admit, he’s not very good as what he does. Sadly, he was out of options and his fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants impulse forced him into hotpants. He left his old life behind and turning back is not going to happen…ever. Danny is a natural protector. Perhaps since he did not have anyone protecting him, he is driven to help others in need. Micky is drawn to his hidden warrior qualities and sees straight through Danny’s barriers. Danny is a man of few words but lucky for him, he doesn’t require words to communicate with Micky. Micky can read his mind, heart and soul. The allure they share is mutual. Micky clings to Danny and for the first time ever, considers fighting his own demons. However, the shark hunter can’t defeat these sharks. Micky is the only one who can but what if it’s too late? Some damage cannot be undone.


Incredibly touching young men will warm your heart. My heart feels lighter & bigger because of Danny. Micky’s significance is no less profound. He gives Danny something he has never had before and for that, I adore him. Danny is different and most certainly, special. I enjoyed how Fleet did not slap labels or put Danny into any boxes or notches in the spectrum. He has his limits but we all do. Micky reminds him that despite his struggles he possesses far more important strengths. He has superpowers too.

The potency of emotional pull is astounding. It begins as an unhurried float down the river. Soon the current is pulling you along at greater speeds and before long the massive waves crash from all sides. The last twenty percent of the story was INTENSE. By the end, I was buzzing and exhausted. It was glorious. There are riches in our lives that have no monetary value. These are always the most valuable but occasionally we forget their importance. We all should be so lucky to know what is vital for happiness. Danny and Micky know but will life grant them the opportunity to have and hold what they want more than anything? Hope is beautiful. Danny is beautiful. He speaks simple profound wisdom and I thank Suki for allowing me to know him. The sky is bright, endless and awaiting your gaze. Danny has found a way to take the lid off the sky and it’s amazing to witness.


The pace. It begins with a leisurely introduction to Danny and his unfortunate situation. Despite the crap deck of cards life has dealt Danny, he makes the best of it. He has discovered very few things are true necessities in life. Even things most of us perceive as a necessity, are actually comforts that can become optional. Safety. This is one thing that is nonnegotiable. He will sacrifice a soft bed and a hot meal for the security of being safe. He has survived the unthinkable without a helping hand from anyone. Most people make assumptions about him and he’s found it’s easier to let them. Living on the streets can break a person and it nearly broke my heart reading about these teens struggling to survive. I should also mention that Danny tells us his story and though first person is not for everyone, I was extremely grateful for the time I had in Danny’s head.

bookisforThe emotional book junkie. Life can be cruel and unfair and if you can handle an up close and personal view of homeless youth with the promise of sparkling smiles and stars at the end, I imagine this is the book for you. Give Danny my love would you?



TITLE: Foxes
AUTHOR: Suki Fleet
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
LENGTH: 274 pages
RELEASE DATE: February 8, 2016
BUY LINKS: Dreampsinner, Amazon, ARe

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