“Getting Him Back” by KA Mitchell


Ethan may have followed his high school sweetheart to college only to get dumped his first day there, but he’s not going to let that stop him from exploring all his new life has to offer. Sex-only hookups, his photography, new friends and a campus-wide game of zombies vs humans all help keep his mind off his broken heart and move him toward building a new, better life without his ex.

And then there’s Wyatt. Mysterious, grouchy—hot. And possibly not gay. But Ethan’s not going to let that stand in the way of figuring out what makes Wyatt tick. New college goal? Get Wyatt into bed and into Ethan’s life.

Step one: arrange a “tutoring” date. Step two: “accidentally” bump into Wyatt as often as possible. Step three: explore the sexy body under that ever-present hoodie. And when their friendship deepens into something neither of them expect, convince Wyatt he’s not just a pity fling or a one-time hookup, but that Ethan is in it for the long haul.


We can start with the big smile on my face.

It’s how I feel about KA Mitchell…writing a New Adult story…set in college. Yeah, these things alone make me happy.

Ok, let’s throw in the fact that the book, Getting Him Back, is sweet, and that the characters are interesting, and that there’s a promise of a book 2, and that it hit the spot.

*smile spreads and stays awhile*

Let me introduce you to Ethan, our lead character. He follows his high school boyfriend, the jock, to college. He has a family that loves and supports him. He’s unaware of his hotness as he grows into his body. He is emotional and says what he feels and he feels a lot! Especially when he’s dumped by said boyfriend. Oh Ethan…I adored you. *hugs*

Enter Wyatt. Wyatt is mysterious, there’s something different about him…physically, emotionally…and Ethan is curious and drawn to him. I, too, am curious and drawn to him.

What KA Mitchell is able to do in a fairly short book is build the attraction between Ethan and Wyatt. Forget whats-his-name (ex-boyfriend, aka “the dumper”). Let’s talk about how GREAT the connection between Ethan and Wyatt is…how much the growth of their relationship drew me in and made me want more!

There’s some darkness to the story…Wyatt’s got a past that shapes a bit of his guarded self in the present. But mostly, this story is sweet and hopeful and really exactly what I was in the mood for.


It’s a classing college-based NA story. And it works. There’s a little bit of emotion, a little bit of sexual exploration, a little bit of maturing into adults, a little bit of self revelation. And all those little bits add up to a lot to be enjoyed.


I have a really bad habit of falling in love with KA Mitchell’s characters. Typically there involves a really-hard-to-like character MC. Not so here. I think there’s a lot to like about Ethan and Wyatt and I’m looking forward to more about their budding relationship!


I didn’t realize it until I’d finished the story. But there’s instalove here. The timeline spans a few months…and yes, “I love you”s are exchanged. If you’re wary, I want to give you a heads up. However, as mentioned, I didn’t even recognize it right away. So, not an obvious in your face instalove.


Fans of college-based NA will like this. Fans of KA Mitchell might be surprised by this, but will like this. Fans of a sweet read with a sprinkling of emotion will like this. But really…it’s just over 100 pages and the payoff is worth it. So, I recommend it for anyone, really.


gettinghimbackTITLE: Getting Him Back

AUTHOR: KA Mitchell
PUBLISHER: Carina Press
RELEASE DATE: February 15, 2016
BUY LINKS: Amazon, Carina Press


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