“Selfie” by Amy Lane


One year ago, actor Connor Montgomery lost the love of his life to a drunk driver. But what’s worse for Connor is what he still has: a lifetime of secrets born of hiding his relationship from the glare of Hollywood. Unable to let go of the world he and Vinnie shared, Connor films a drunken YouTube confession on the anniversary of Vinnie’s death.

Thankfully, the video was silent—a familiar state for Connor—so his secret is still safe. He needs a fresh start, and a new role on the hit TV show Wolf’s Landing might be just that.

The move to Bluewater Bay may also mean a second chance in the form of his studio-assigned assistant. Noah Dakers sees through Connor’s facades more quickly than Connor could imagine. Noah’s quiet strength and sarcastic companionship offers Connor a chance at love that Hollywood’s closet has never allowed. But to accept it, Connor must let Vinnie go and learn to live again.


There are a couple of things about this book you need to know from the beginning. First, this is one of those FEELING books. It will slowly zap you with small jolts of electrical zings; as if a current runs from the words directly to your heart. It won’t destroy you but you will FEEL it. Second, this is a lengthy book. Prepare for a time investment because it’s not a quick, easy read. It’s deep, sharp and amazing. Third, Noah is mine and if anyone has anything less than stellar to say about him…we will have words. Okay, okay. I’m kidding about the last part (kinda….not really). I had one of those connections with this story. I put everything else on hold in my life and fell head first into their lives. I didn’t want to leave. I did not care about anything…but the story. This hasn’t happened to me in a long time. It was completely unexpected and absolutely incredible. I knew it was going to be good (I mean, it’s Amy Lane) but I didn’t know it was going to be OHMYSHITYOUHAVETOREADTHIS good.

Connor is a grieving empty shell. When he lost the love of his life, Vinnie, a year ago, he willingly let the darkness of misery consume him. He lives in Malibu on the beach but hasn’t felt a ray of sunshine since Vinnie’s tragic accident. To add fuel to the anguished fire, he is left alone with only his sacred memories and his agent. No one else in the world is aware of his devastating loss. He has to continue to pretend that Vinnie was only his best friend and he just….can’t. He is barely capable of getting out of bed (most days) and he has no strength left to keep up the façade. After the first anniversary of Vinnie’s death (and his very public meltdown), Jillian forces him to join the land of the living again. She convinces him to take a job in Bluewater Bay. He arrives in a sleepwalker state but his new driver rouses something in him. His brilliant smile breaks through the clouds and Con feels a faint beating return to his chest. Huh? He was certain that was broken.

Noah is confident, strong, snarky and full of life. He has a magical power when it comes to Connor. He can read him so acutely, he knows what he needs and wants before Con does. He understands where he is emotionally and he knows exactly what to say and do. He loves Con from the very beginning. BUT! It’s the intensity and purity of his love for Con that blew me away. He’s willing to wait for Connor, no matter how long it takes. He is the most patient man I’ve ever known. *sigh* I love him.


It’s great to be back in Bluewater Bay. I am still working my way through the series and I’d nearly forgotten how much I enjoy the quiet quaint town. Brief appearances from the locals made me smile. It’s always refreshing to see familiar faces in the background. And then the new crew is top-notch. Noah’s family is pure awesomeness. From his hobbit grandmother to his burly dad and all of his sisters, well, I was smitten. Jilly is fierce and fabulous. I was even charmed by Vinnie’s family by the end, a feat I didn’t think was possible. Vinnie’s ghost haunts Connor throughout the story and as much as it hurts, it’s also laced with humor. Connor is desperately seeking closure but is failing miserably. How can he have a fresh start when he can’t say goodbye to his deceased lover who has taken up residence in his head? He’s dragging too much baggage and he should spare Noah the turmoil of the rocky uphill path of his recovery. Thankfully Noah is prepared to battle anything and everything that stands in his way, including Con’s attempts to hide his past and the shattered pieces of his heart.

loveThe rebirth of a lifeless soul, the revival of a broken heart, and the realization that true love isn’t a once in a lifetime blessing. Noah asks one thing of Con, if he’s incapable of loving him, then he begs Con to let him go. *sob* Connor promises Noah he won’t always be broken. Can he keep this promise? Gather round friends, we’ve got VIP tickets to the greatest love story of the year. I may have slipped into a premiere showing but I promise I’ll be back for more. I can’t get enough of these two. Did I tell you already how much I love them? Cuz I really do.


Mild BDSM. Now wait just a second! You must understand that Con couldn’t take the pain anymore and turned himself…off. He hasn’t been able to keep his feet in the present let alone step into the future. He’s lost, flailing in a sea of sorrow. He needs direction, he yearns for someone to tell him what to do. He decides he wants to live but he needs clear-cut commands to follow. It begins with Noah dominating him in the bedroom. If BDSM isn’t your typical cup of tea, I beg you to consider starting here. Yes there’s a little toy play, and a bit of submission but it’s truly about letting your lover steer and guide you, to where you want to be. Trust. It all begins with trust. So please trust me- dip your toes in here, it’s worth it…and SO freaking hot!
And of course there is a fair amount of darkness and despair as we witness Con grieving but we are gifted brilliant sunshine amidst the fog when he restores himself. Then it’s so bright, it’s blinding.

bookisforEvery hopeless romantic who believes healing is possible and it’s okay to love again after love has been unjustly taken from you. New love doesn’t diminish the love you had, it just gives you another reason to….live again.


TITLE: Selfie (Bluewater Bay #13)
AUTHOR: Amy Lane
LENGTH: 420 pages
RELEASE DATE: April 16, 2016
PREORDER LINKS: Riptide, Amazon

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