“The Infected Holiday Special” by Andrea Speed


Peek behind the curtain with Roan McKichan and the various characters who make up the Infected universe in this sometimes serious, sometimes humorous collection of short stories centered around the holidays.

There’s Kevin, who reflects on how lonely his life in the closet is. And Fiona and Tank, who go on a surprisingly good first date. Roan himself finds his Halloween celebration at Panic interrupted by loose cats and obnoxious frat boys while Paris contemplates his mortality on their impromptu honeymoon. Dropkick deals with her new marriage and male egos on the job, Roan meets Connor at the scene of a drunken fight, and Holden contemplates his future as a street kid. These stories and many more will be told, centered around more holidays than you can shake a dreidel at.


You read a book, or even better a series, and you fall in love with characters. They take you on an amazing ride and then drop you off at the depot and continue on without you. You can’t stop the wonder and worry…are they doing okay? What has happened to them? Sometimes we readers are lucky enough to find out. This collection of snapshots starts at the very beginning of the adventures of our wildcats and continues on just beyond the final book. Well, I take that back. Holden’s story is still coming and perhaps more, so they take us to the end as we know it now. Big thanks to Speed for gifting us these brief fly on a wall moments of the grand cast and crew of Infected.

This is fairly difficult to rate because it was a mixed bag for me. It is quite a collection although they are merely pages for each one. There were a few that I would have happily traded in for a deeper look at the characters that I adore and amuse me. It’s no surprise that my favorite holiday’s in this set involved my favorite characters. My heart sang and stuttered and for those moments, the mundane segments were tolerable. I understood and appreciated the behind the scenes glimpse of most but there were a handful that felt empty and without purpose. And it pains me to bring my overall impression of the book down because of it. If I could trim it down, I would say it’s a stellar collection.



We visit over a dozen different holiday’s. It wouldn’t be Speed’s style give us traditional or expected observances of these days. It was quite entertaining to witness the twists they add to their celebrations or lack of. The sections range from deeply personal to superficial bits of info. All-in-all, it was FUN.


More Infected! Simple as that. I loved seeing them again. I loved fresh new information about them. I loved seeing into their hearts, even if it was only a blink of time. And I absolutely adored Valentines day.


Short short short scenes. I’m not even sure I can call them scenes. It’s more like flashbacks of memories in each characters head. As well as the itch to fast forward a time or two. In case you are wondering….there is no Matt. I missed him greatly here.

bookisforOnly readers that have completed the final book of the Infected series. It would be extremely spoilery to anyone yet to read all of the books. It is most definitely not a stand-alone. Infected fans only please.



TITLE: The Infected Holiday Special (Infected)
AUTHOR: Andrea Speed
LENGTH:  116 pages
RELEASE DATE: May 17, 2016

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