“Last Mechanic Standing” by L.A. Witt


Everyone at Jim Irving’s garage is gung ho about Wrench Wars, a new reality show featuring mechanics. Everyone, that is, except talented mechanic Chandler Scott, the sole employee who has refused to sign the contract. The rest of the mechanics are pressuring him too, because without Chandler—and his volatile interactions with his boss—no one’s getting on the show.

Chandler’s one ally is Jim’s son, Mark, who’s being forced to work for his dad until he pays down his student loans or finds a better job—and who’s been Chandler’s secret lover for a while.

Then a playful tryst in the garage blows up in their faces, giving the network ammo to blackmail Chandler by threatening to out Mark to his father. Now Chandler is backed into a corner, and Mark needs to decide how far he’s willing to go to protect the man who’s been sharing his bed… and may have stolen his heart.



Do you watch reality TV? I’m not a big a fan. What I am a fan of is reality shows in my books. And if you’ve heard me gush before, I’m a huge LA Witt fan. I can count on great men with a great story to share when it comes to anything that has her named stamped on the cover.

This time around we have the pleasure of two sexy mechanics.

Chandler is the best mechanic at the shop; which happens to be a good thing because he’s a bit of a hot head and constantly bashin’ n clashin’ with the boss man. When he’s not bucking with his homophobic boss he is bucking with his closeted son Mark, preferable without clothes on. Chandler and Mark have been friends for many years and secretly sleeping together for a couple. Chandler only tolerates the hostile work environment because of Mark. He has been slowly falling in love with Mark over the passing months, yet refuses to acknowledge it.

Mark is drowning in debt and needs a helping hand from his dad. He must suck it up and deal with all of the unpleasantries that come along with the package or risk losing the support he needs. When a network purposes a deal for a reality show, Chandler wants absolutely nothing to do with it. The money could be good and everyone else is on board. However, the network is insistent that Chandler partake in the show or they pull the offer. He is the deal breaker. When push comes to shove, somebody is bound to get hurt. The question is, how bad will the damage be?


I always relish the authentic characters Witt brings to the table. Of course they may be polished but the grease stains are still there. Mark is not perfect. Chandler is not perfect. And I love them all the more for it. Mark yearns to come out and live his life free and proud and I felt his fear and anxiety right along with him…it felt honest. The impending wreck coming around the bend was clear and expected, but my heart still raced for him, for them. I didn’t want it to be so hard for them to be together. I believe that the best things in life are never easy but always worth it.


Mark and Chandler have been together for years. It may be private and the intimacy has been a privilege shared only between the two of them but it is already there. We miss the actual fall between them but we are able to watch them admit, confess and declare their love for one another. Mark realizes that Chandler could have taken an easier road…but he didn’t and he is the lucky reason why. There is nothing greater than realizing someone loves you and that you can wholeheartedly return it. I loved being able to witness them recognize their love.


A short novella that ends a smidge before it should…according to the handy reading progress percentage. I’m always a bit grumpy when things conclude before I’m anticipating it. I tend to side-eye the percentage while I’m reading and you can guarantee an exasperated huff from me when the story finishes early.

bookisforIf you’re searching for a sweet & short love acceptance between two blue-collar guys, look no further. Mark and Chandler are just want you need.


TITLE: Last Mechanic Standing (Wrench Wars #1)
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
LENGTH: 80 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 6th, 2016
BUY LINKS: Dreamspinner, Amazon, Amazon UK, ARe 

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