“Art Criticism” by Celeste Spettro


James has no idea what he’s going to do with his art history degree, but for the moment he’s managing as a lowly gallery assistant…until he has to deal with an aggravating photographer.

Turkish is a lot like his photographs: vapid, popular, and over the top – the perfect target for James’ snarky criticism, but somehow James is unable to reject the man as easily he rejects his art.


I picked up this audiobook solely because Michael Spellman is one of my favorite narrators. And just as a narrator can absolutely ruin a story, a GREAT narrator can MAKE a book. This is what happened here for me listening to Art Criticism.

I story was a fun tale about a young guy who works at an art museum and the arrogant, impossible artist he has to deal with. The enemies to lovers trope works and Michael Spellman brings LIFE to these characters.

If I had read this as an ebook, I think I might have felt a little unconvinced about James and Turkish’s attraction. Turkish was SUCH a jerk to James early on and I don’t know that I could have believed the turning of the tide. However, the nuances and emotion the narrator used in his reading made their interactions more believable for me.

Fun book…but I really really recommend the audiobook.


Basic enemies to lovers story with an artsy bend. I really liked the main character James. Super charming, a tiny bit insecure, adorable. Though a bit high maintenance, it made me really want for him to find someone who would put up with his idiosyncrasies!


The narrator, Michael Spellman. He’s one of my top 3 narrators currently! I’ve consumed everything he’s narrated.


Look, this story will not change your life and I’m not entirely sure it will be that memorable. But…


…if you’re looking for a sweet story that keep you entertained, this could be a good choice. But remember…AUDIOBOOK!


artcriticismTITLE: Art Criticism

AUTHOR: Celeste Spettro
NARRATOR: Michael Spellman
PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press
LENGTH: 6 hours, 6 minutes
RELEASE DATE: May 25, 2015
BUY LINKS: Less Than ThreeAmazon, Audible

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