“Perfect Imperfections” by Cardeno C.


Hollywood royalty Jeremy Jameson has lived a sheltered life with music as his sole focus and only friend. Before embarking on yet another international concert tour, he wanders into a bar in what he considers the middle of nowhere and meets a man who wins him over with his friendly smile and easy-going nature. Accountant slash bartender slash adventure-seeker Reg Moore has fun talking and drinking with The Jeremy Jameson and can’t say no when the supposedly straight rock star makes him a once in a lifetime offer: keep him company on his tour by playing the part of his boyfriend.

Listening to music, traveling the world, and jumping off cliffs is fun. Falling in love is even better. But to stay with Jeremy after the stage lights dim, Reg will need to help him realize there’s nothing pretend about their relationship.



Have you ever thought, ‘this person was created solely to love another’? As I was reading, or listening in this case, it struck me; Reg was made to love Jeremy. To be honest, I can’t think of another couple that hit me with a similar realization. After countless love stories this was a first and did it ever rock my world.

Jeremy Jameson is a true blood rock star. He was born into the life and has lived up to his expectations. He is amazing on stage and happiest when he is performing. His professional life is the stuff dreams are made of. His personal life has not been as lucky. His father has passed and his mother has many priorities, none of which include him. He’s had many relationships but not a single one has lasted. After he meets Reg, he discovers that he hasn’t ever actually had a real relationship. He’s lonely. He’s starved for affection, which is duly ironic because he is adored by millions. As we learn, sometimes only one person matters.


Rock stars are so entertaining and I enjoy peeking into their posh world. Jeremy has his diva moments but…he is a diva. He also has a persistent neediness but…the man is making up for lost time and frankly, he is needy. My favorite part is how Reg loves loving Jeremy. He relishes in stepping into the vacant caretaker role. Jeremy’s entire life is full of intense demands. He longs for the simplicities that you and I take for granted. Reg does his best to give him these simple pleasures. When Jeremy asks Reg to accompany him on tour and play the role of his pretend boyfriend I knew we were in for a good time. Reg is easygoing and honest and doesn’t fake anything. I really like Reg, Jeremy too but Reg stole my heart.


Reg quickly falls in love with Jeremy and makes it his mission to open Jeremy’s eyes to the same acknowledgment. He knows that his superstar loves him too and he is patient enough to wait until he recognizes the truth for himself. His hand is forced and he begins to play dirty and Jeremy quickly catches up. With Reg, sex is a completely different animal. It’s not an obligation but a burning desire. It’s a hunger he never knew he had and he simply can’t get enough. No one is more pleased with this than Reg and he is rewarded greatly for his patience early on. Once the sex begins, it hardly stops…but seriously, who is complaining? Ummmmm, not me. They are SO insanely hot together but what really seals the deal for me, is their undying love. J.J. does not scare easily but he is terrified that he will lose Reg. And if there’s one thing he knows for certain, he doesn’t ever want to be without his greatest fan.

The narration was smooth, seamless and easy to follow. Mr. David’s performance was outstanding with especially hot sex scenes. The music at the beginning and conclusion of each chapter guaranteed no heavy eyelids. Ha! No sleeping or drifting with this audiobook.


Strangers in a bar become quick friends making rash decisions…rather unlikely rash decisions. Their romance may appear off-balance at first but when it levels out, Jeremy is determined to keep it that way. And a sexual discovery awakens curious and fierce desires promising lots of erotica.

bookisforI’ve never been a Cardeno C. fan before and now I’m questioning why? This story snagged me early on and never let go. I loved the writing, characters AND the narration and I’m willing to bet you will too. Join me in my new fandom, I’m stoked for my next Cardeno book.


TITLE: Perfect Imperfections
AUTHOR: Cardeno C.
NARRATOR: Charlie David
PUBLISHER: The Romance Authors 
LENGTH: 7 Hours 10 Minutes
RELEASE DATE: August 27, 2015 
BUY LINKS: Amazon, Audible, iTunes

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