“Into You” by Jay Northcote


What do you do when the body you wake up in isn’t yours?

Olly and Scott promised to be best friends forever. They grew up on the same street, went to the same school, and did everything together. But one hot summer night, teenage experimentation caused hurt feelings and confusion, and their friendship was destroyed.

Four years later they’re both eighteen years old and in their final term at school. Scott is a football star and Olly’s preparing for a main role in the school play. After a heated argument in the street—witnessed by their mysterious, elderly neighbour—they wake up the next morning stuck in each other’s bodies.

With no idea how to get back to normal, they have to co-operate in order to hide their secret. Spending time together rekindles their friendship, yet feelings run deeper for both of them. With the end of school fast approaching, the clock is ticking. Unless they discover how to change back, they could be stuck in the wrong bodies forever.


This was pure and simple fun! I wouldn’t consider it classic Northcote but there was no mistaking her signature writing. Typically I associated Jay’s books with thick, hot steam and this barely registered the fog alert, but I didn’t mind in the slightest. Both Olly and Scott are fabulously fun and even better together. They were the best of friends growing up and then a tragic misunderstanding shattered their indestructible bond. Jump a few years ahead and their hurt feelings have picked up a sharp bitter bite. Scott doesn’t know exactly why Olly dropped him as a friend but he’s in the habit of turning a blind eye on complicated truths. When they awake in one another’s bodies, he is forced to accept deep dark secrets or forever remain trapped in this ulterior reality.

I think the heart of body swapping is, understanding a situation from another pair of eyes. See what I see. Hear what I hear. Feel what I feel. Walking in someone else’s shoes can be a priceless gift and we should all be so lucky to have such a magical experience. Olly and Scott can’t comprehend the severity of the other’s emotional turmoil without this gift. Jay tackles it with a cheery, amusing and youthful approach. Olly and Scott are finishing high school and preparing for the next chapter of their lives. They had always envisioned sharing these milestones together and thanks to a peculiar neighbor, they might still after all.


Entertaining and amusing storyline is completely unrealistic but this is a tale with a  magical touch and it’s fantastic! Scott may appear as a carefree jock but he has his own fair share of parental pressures. He neglects to acknowledge important pieces of himself because he’s afraid of the guaranteed rejection from his father. Olly has tried to extinguish the torch he has carried for Scott but after all these years, it’s still burning. They are destined to be together and when they fight fate, fate fights back. Bottom line…it’s so much fun.


When the guys switch bodies they have no choice but to accept life as they never knew it. This rattling and empathic experience allows them to consider things from a new perspective. It’s not so easy to claim the other cowardly when they are suddenly privy to life behind closed doors. Fears are justified, secrets are revealed and most of all, questions are answered and understood. They struggle to ‘play their parts’ and hope beyond all reason they find their way back to their true body. Once they are returned perhaps they can follow life’s path together again or maybe it’s just not meant to be after all?


PG-13 smut factor, tried and true body swapping and coming out in a whole new fashion.


Anyone looking for a light-hearted young adult romance with a magical twist. Ohh, and Northcote’s fans will want to check this one out, but I’m sure it has hit their radar by now.


TITLE: Into You
AUTHOR: Jay Northcote
PUBLISHER: Jaybird Press
LENGTH: 170 pages
RELEASE DATE: September 9th, 2016

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