“Strung Up” by Lorelei James


Rancher Creston Grant retreats from the world after he loses the love of his life… Can his former flame, rodeo cowboy Breck Christianson prove he’s a changed man who can give Cres a second chance at love?


Yeah…this was SO GOOD! Holy cow. Lorelei James…THANK YOU for writing Cres and Breck. Thanks for writing cowboys loving cowboys. Thanks for writing a novella that felt FULL and COMPLETE and so SATISFYING. Thanks for writing a SCORCHING HOT book that didn’t forego HEART and real EMOTIONS.

With so much being said about what is and isn’t being written in romance today, it’s so nice to find a book that’s just…a romance. A straight up relationship between two complicated men who are given a second chance with each other. A beautiful discovery between two solid, mature men who are ready this time in their lives for one another.

The author had me in tears within the first 10% of the story. I wasn’t ready to have my heart thrown in from the get go as we’re introduced to Cres and the accident that tore his life to pieces. Two years later, we find Cres again, healing, and surprising even himself to be ready to love again.

And that’s all because of Breck. Breck has been through his own nightmare…and once he wakes up, finds his life stolen from him. But this allows him to question if it was the life he really wanted in the first place.

Cres and Breck are so great together. The chemistry is SO HOT and their fuck-buddies-to-lovers story had a few twists and turns that made it impossible to put my kindle down. I miss them already! (I would LOVE to read more of them…just sayin’…)


This is my first Lorelei James book and I’m obsessed with her writing. I want to read every one of her backlist…if she can tell this great a story in a novella, I’m sure to be gobsmacked by her longer novels! There are also a lot of side characters that I’m guessing (?) already have books or will be having books in the future. and I’m excited to read more in this series.


Dude…COWBOYS. HOT COWBOYS. HOT COWBOY LOVIN’. The build up, the dialogue, the back story, the tension…and the HOT COWBOY LOVIN’…all so good.


I had one little *this makes me uncomfortable* moment where Cres complains about his past lover only wanting to bottom. Something about the way it was said didn’t really work for me. BUT…I didn’t want to look too deeply at it, to be honest. It didn’t bother me enough to steer me off course with my love for this book.


I’m not sure if this is Lorelei James’ first foreay into m/m, but she killed it! So good. I think anyone who likes stories about cowboys, this is for you. Fans of Lorelei James, this is for you. Those who want a spicy, yet heartfelt m/m romance, this is for you. So really…everyone should just read this.

strung-upTITLE: Strung Up (Blacktop Cowboys #7.5)

AUTHOR: Lorelei James
PUBLISHER: 1001 Dark Knights, Evil Eye Concepts
RELEASE DATE: September 13, 2016

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