“Night Watch” by Josh Lanyon


Three years ago investigative reporter Parker Davidson barely survived a brutal attack by his psychopathic ex-boyfriend. It’s given him a dim view of romance.

When Parker’s ex escapes from a maximum security prison, LAPD Lieutenant Henry Stagge is tasked with making sure that Parker doesn’t end up a victim a second—and final—time.

Most cops believe Parker got what he deserved, but over the course of a few very tense hours, Henry begins to wonder if there’s more to Parker than he thought.

Second chances happen in the strangest places—and at the strangest times.


Sometimes, I’ll find myself reading book after book feeling like I’m missing…something. I can’t pinpoint it. I can’t describe it. And then I read a Josh Lanyon book, and all is back on track. It’s like Lanyon is my laser beam to find my way back to enjoying books. I’m not quite sure what the magic is. It could be simply…the amazing writing. It could be that Lanyon’s words just DO IT for me. It could be that I have confidence in what I’m gonna get and I am so rarely disappointed.

Night Watch was a “laser beam” book for me. I needed it. I needed a new Lanyon to remind me that reading is yummy. And though it ended too soon, as so many of Lanyon’s novellas do, it still managed to satisfy.

Parker is a reporter and found himself in the “WTF” position of falling for a convicted murderer. He’s convinced the man is innocent and goes about trying to prove it. And when the dust settles, the man who would become his boyfriend, turns around and tries to brutally kill him. It is…goosebump worthy.

Henry is a LAPD detective and a widower. He is…a man of honor, a man of steel. He is the the strong character that Lanyon loves to write and writes so well. And he’s here to protect Parker.

Here’s where the novella could have really benefited from some extra pages: there’s instalove that is whip-lash worthy. The connection kinda happens in some extreme circumstances and nothing points to this relationship-to-be ending up working at all. BUT…I refuse to let my mind go there. I’ll fill the blanks with some substance and BELIEVE in their HEA over the HFN (Happy For Now).


Lanyon will leave you curious about both characters and hoping that there will be more of this story to be told. For some, this may be an itch that they cannot scratch. But for those of us that have grown accustomed to this style from this author, it’s blissful anticipation. I want more of Parker and Henry and I’m going to believe I’ll get it one day! 🙂


The psycho ex-boyfriend angle? CREEPY AF!


Instalove. A feeling of being unfulfilled at the end. Screaming “that’s IT?” by the time you’re done. Ya know…the regular Lanyon emotions.


Lanyon fans. Duh. But also those who want a small snippet of creepy. He want a read that is slightly unsettling, but so good!


night-watchTITLE: Night Watch
AUTHOR: Josh Lanyon
LENGTH: 42 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 28, 2016

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