“Drawn In” by Barbara Elsborg


Undercover police officer Kell has crossed the line. He’s become trapped in an abusive relationship with his violent thug of a boss and sees no way back without wrecking months of work. The hope of ever being involved with someone who respects him seems a distant dream.

Private investigator Gethin is depressed that the bulk of his work involves following unfaithful partners. He knows just what it’s like to be cheated on. Even worse, his relationship with his ex is complicated and Gethin can see no way of breaking free of a guy who so desperately needs him.

A chance encounter brings Kell and Gethin together, entwining their lives with secrets and danger. They both have reasons to keep things casual. But there are consequences to zipless fucks. Not only do they have to survive people trying to kill them, they need to trust each other and keep their wits about them, while ensuring their hearts stay intact.



What exactly is angst? Well, let’s be precise here…Angst is; “a feeling of dread, anxiety, or anguish”. I’m fussy when it comes to angst in my romance stories. I like to take the hard trail and fight for my books but, BUT, I need to know it’s worth it. I like what I call ‘balanced angst’. Or I like to be rewarded for all of my heartache. There were times I questioned if this was worth it. It didn’t seem balanced at first. I wasn’t sure I could push through the pain. Yet I did because soon I could feel it, I could feel them and I knew it was significant. I’m so glad I was right to believe in them.

Pay attention to the blurb; it clearly defines the overall tone of the story. You shouldn’t be surprised with the amount of deep, raw emotions we experience because it’s not falsely advertised. This is not easy nor is it lighthearted but I didn’t expect it to be.

Kell and Gethin cross paths time and time again. They don’t recognize their fateful crossroads right away but soon lust takes over and pulls them together, with a crash. Gethin is a private investigator struggling to keep his business going. His friend and office landlord persuades him to help him out with a party he’s coordinating. Gethin plays waiter for Angel but not very well. Then we have Kell who is drowning in his undercover assignment. He has bitten off more than he can chew and has found himself in an abusive relationship. Desperate for a taste of his old (true) life, he attends his best friend’s posh birthday celebration. There is something familiar about the grouchy waiter and he’s eager to find out more. If he’s reasonable, he shouldn’t follow his curiosity. But Kell has never been one to listen to reason.

Both of their lives are beyond complicated and have no room for a lover, let alone anything more. They agree to keep it casual and explore their intense magnetism with a strict no strings policy. Soon life takes them by the balls and they do everything they can to hold on…and to each other. They are in the eye of the storm and it’s only peaceful for a flash, then all hell breaks loose. The aftermath of the destructive storm will change everything and everyone it touches.


The incredible writing, the deeply developed characters and the intricate web of a plot. It’s a gritty story begging you to sink your teeth into it. I could have sworn it was over five hundred pages, and not because it dragged but because it was so FULL. Elsborg truly knows how to throw a literary uppercut and power kick at the same time. I ACHED and I WEPT and I LOVED it. There is so much going on and I don’t want to touch on even half of it because I think you should experience the powerful twists firsthand. I am certain you will love and you will hate some  of the characters. There is definitely nothing mediocre about any part of this story.


The complexity of their love is astounding. They have so much baggage and they are fighting impossible and unfair battles yet despite everything beating them down, they cling to each other. They weather the storm as one, knowing each other is strong and capable but as a unit, they are unsinkable. Or at least they hope so. The sex is filthy hot and rough. They bite, mark and claim each other. They quickly discover that sex is not enough, not even close to enough. They both want it all but will their clusterf*cked lives allow them the chance? Only one way to find out…..

bewareTriggers! Abusive relationships including physical and sexual. The controversial argument of Dr. Kevorkian’s philosophy plays a crucial part. And lots and lots of heart racing suspense and action. And the first sex scene is a bit startling but you’ll understand why as the pages fly by.


Anyone brave enough to take a few hits to reach a satisfying and complete ending. This happens to be my first book by Elsborg, but if you’re a fan of her work I have no doubt this will blow you away. Don’t fight it, just go with it and allow yourself to be Drawn In, I promise it’s worth it.


TITLE: Drawn In
AUTHOR: Barbara Elsborg
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 262 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 17, 2016
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK

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