“Analog to Digital” by Posy Roberts


For years, Ethan and Toby have said they’ll never marry, despite Ethan’s secret wishes. So leaving sunny California for snowy Minnesota to witness his sister’s vow renewal is not how he wants to spend his Christmas Eve. It’s the second time she’ll say “I do” in less than a year, when Ethan saying those words to Toby even once is hopeless.

In the run-up to the ceremony, Toby seems to avoid Ethan, and doubts grow in his absence. Ethan can’t help noticing Toby spends more time with Ethan’s family than with him. Little does Ethan know, Toby has desires of his own. But if Toby doesn’t find a way to reveal them, Ethan could leave for home without him.



I found this addition to the annual Advent Calendar a short sweet story that left me with a bright smile and a happy heart. There are times I don’t enjoy established couples as much as early fresh romance but Posy delivered a fulfilling couple with multiple ‘awww’ moments. If you’re concerned about missing the tenderness, rest assured, these two are still adorable.

Ethan and Toby have been together for a few years and are happy…enough. Neither wants to push the commitment level to the shiny circular phase because they believe they are content. Completely satisfied with what they have or at least that’s what their mouths say. Their hearts on the other hand, yearn for more…a lifelong, forever and as long as we both shall live kind of more. Finger crossing while telling white lies only gets you so far and then those who truly know you see through into your deepest desires, and Toby sees straight into Ethan. Quite simply, Ethan wants to get married.

Ethan is from Minnesota and hasn’t been home for the holidays since he and Toby met. He misses the comforts that only ‘home’ can provide but he’s extremely dedicated to his career. When Toby surprises him with a trip home to partake in the celebration of his sister’s vow renewal, he is rattled. He has done his duty and stood by her side as she pledged herself to her soul mate. He doesn’t want to have it in his face again. Toby is persistent and luckily for Ethan, he agrees to go back to Minnesota. However when they arrive, everything seems off. He’s living in a strange daydream or perhaps nightmare? Will it end in terror or his dreams come true?


I enjoyed both of the guys. Toby is definitely easier to love because Ethan has his quirks, but I find most quirks endearing and it’s obvious Toby finds Ethan’s precious. Going home to your parents for the holidays is sweet chaos…or at least mine is. Visiting Ethan’s family was great fun and I’m sure you’ll agree. Toby and Ethan are the perfect example of opposites attract.


This is one of those times that you just KNOW it’s going to end happy…it must! And when it does, you feel like dancing. It wasn’t super angsty or overly dramatic, it was just enough to make your heart pick up pace a little. I adored watching their big moment play out. It was super sweet and super romantic.


A very short story. It’s a tidbit or bite size treat but it’s still fantastic. And don’t expect any major twists…it’s fairly smooth sailing.

bookisforIf you love holiday stories and are searching for a dreamy tale that is sweet without much heat, this is the story for you.


TITLE: Analog to Digital (2016 Advent Calendar-Bah Humbug)
AUTHOR: Posy Roberts
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner
LENGTH: 39 pages
RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2016
BUY LINKS: Dreamspinner, Amazon

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