“Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles” by Eli Easton


Toby Kincaid loves being the junior librarian in his hometown of Sandy Lake, Ohio. He spends his days surrounded by books and chatting with the library patrons. He especially adores the head librarian, Mr. Miggles, who is kind, witty, knowlegable about everything, and hopelessly addicted to Christmas. Sean Miggles is also pretty cute—especially for an older guy who wears ties and suit pants every day.

But Sean keeps himself at a distance, and there’s a sadness about him that Toby can’t figure out. When Sean is accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he gives up without a fight. Toby realizes that he alone can save the library—and their head librarian.

Toby will need to uncover the darkness in Sean’s past and prove to him that he deserves a second chance at life and at love too. And while Christmas miracles are being handed out, maybe Toby will get his own dearest wish—to love and be loved by Mr. Miggles.


Besides being an auto-buy author for me, I think Eli Easton is the Queen of Christmas Books! I love her holiday reads. They make me so happy and my heart full.

So, I should not be surprised that “Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles” turned out to be one of favorite books of the year. If I had to invite a book to spend the holidays with me, this was the perfect companion. It was full of love and cheer and sweetness and wonderful characters.

The relationship between the town librarian, Mr. Miggles, and the town junior librarian, Toby Kincaid is so adorable. Their coworker-to-friends-to-lovers story made me smile. But what was even more beautiful was the kindness and love the town had for both the library and Mr. Miggles. It inspired me greatly and made me want to go and spend some more time in my local library!


This book is FULL of holiday cheer! There’s a sweet relationship between the MC’s. There’s a town that comes together to save their local library. And there’s a mysterious but wonderful story behind the librarian himself, the hero of our story, Mr. Miggles.


Eli Easton is at her best in this book. The quirky but kind characters, the compelling story, the beautiful relationship…it all works!

bewareHaving to tell your friends you’ve fallen in love with someone named Mr. Miggles…


bookisforAnyone with a heart! 🙂 It’s just that sweet…






Title: Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles
Author: Eli Easton
Length: 178 Pages
Publisher: Pinkerton Road
Buy Link: Amazon

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