“Married For A Month” by Cate Ashwood


Best friends since high school, Chase Bradley and Alec Montero are opposites in almost every way. The one thing they can agree on, though, is that marriage is for suckers.

Everything is going their way until a drunken bet leads Alec and Chase to the altar. Their temporary “I Do’s” aren’t as amusing in the sober light of day when they find themselves thrown into married life and everything that goes with it.

The question they have to ask themselves now is, can their friendship survive being married for a month?



Falling in love with your best friend is like playing with fire. It can burst into something bright and beautiful but it’s also dangerous and risky. Ashwood ups the stakes with Alec and Chase. They don’t date or move up to the boyfriend category. They go the full nine yards and get hitched. Well, not for real and not forever. An intoxicated evening leads to a bet which essentially married these two best friends for a month. Their friends lay out a list of rules, forcing them to act and live as if genuine nuptials have taken place. Both have been bachelor’s since college and insist it’s a lifestyle they chose and prefer. Living and playing a part for four weeks should be a piece of cake. But they discover you can’t have your cake and eat it too. What price will they pay for a silly bet?


I really enjoyed both Chase and Alec. I connected easily with them. The alternating POV was pivotal in understanding the inner rambles of both guys. This shift created a smooth flow. Not only did I adore the faux husbands but I liked their circle. Fun and lively friends and family add depth to the story. Alec owns a metal fab business and Chase is a property designer. Ashwood showcases knowing what your friends DO but not knowing how they DO it. Living together day in and day out adds a new foreign dimension to their relationship. Sharing daily frustrations and struggles is something not many are privy to and Chase and Alec fumble with it initially. Loving someone’s strengths is easy but loving their weaknesses is not. Their snips and tiffs felt very real and I’m glad it wasn’t an easy transition. Life is messy but magnificent when we embrace the mess!


Chase and Alec have been friends most of their lives. They both wore the ‘purely platonic’ glasses and were happy with their relationship. Then the glasses come off and they are allowed to look at each other…differently. I loved the little things they began to notice. Sexy arms with bulging veins, crinkling smiles and soft hair, things they never noticed before because they weren’t permitted to look. Once they have permission, a smolder of attraction begins to burn. And when they catch fire? Yowza!! They were soooo hot. It wasn’t just the sex though. Amazing kisses, sweet cuddles and honest to goodness nurturing round out the love bites and bruises. I loved how they treasured one another. The ending was pure perfection!


A boozy bet between best friends leads to a crazy predicament. Highly unlikely but highly entertaining.

bookisforCalling all friends to lovers fans….you won’t want to miss this one!


TITLE: Married For A Month 
AUTHOR: Cate Ashwood
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 171 pages
RELEASE DATE: February, 10th, 2017

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