“Patience” by Helena Stone


Patience is a virtue. But what if you wait too long?

While Xander Ekman’s dream of becoming a successful artist has come true, his love life has gone from bad to worse. Sick of the endless string of one-night-stands, he accepts the challenge when his best friend, Erik, bets him that he can’t be celibate for a month. Now all he needs is a reminder to keep his distance in the heat of the moment.

Troy Moriarty doesn’t have time for love. He’s too busy trying to keep his recently opened tattoo parlour afloat. Besides, ever since the man who was supposed to be his business partner abandoned him to run the shop on his own, he has a hard time trusting others.

When Xander turns to Troy for a tattoo that will remind him to be patient, the attraction is instant. But faced with Xander’s month of celibacy, Troy’s trust issues, and a nemesis lurking in the background, their relationship may be doomed before it has a chance to begin.



Have you ever had someone in your life that you chat with online or talk with frequently over the phone but never saw their face, and then when you do come face to face for the first time, they are not what you expected? I have. I used to talk to this lady every work day and nearly a decade later, when she came into my office, I had no clue who she was. Strange how our brain supplies images when there isn’t one available. That was me and this book. The face does not match the voice…for me. I know everyone has their own perception of characters but it’s not just the man on the cover that made my brow furrow. The entire essence of the cover felt misplaced to me. I know it isn’t polite to judge a book by its cover and honestly, I think it’s lovely. It just doesn’t ‘fit‘ my mind’s eye.
Okay, enough of my ramblings about the wrapping, let’s get to the goods inside….

Both Xander and Troy are at a crossroads in their lives. And as fate would have it, they intersect with one another. Troy is struggling to keep his new business afloat and having a difficult time letting go of his anger and hurt from his ex-business partner’s abandonment. Xander is accepting his promiscuous behavior has simply been a shield to protect his tender heart. It’s pure happenstance when Xander walks into Troy’s shop for a spontaneous tattoo and their connection is instant. But the time is not right for either. Should they make a go for it when the timing’s all wrong? Or wait until it’s better and more convenient? Restraint is not Xander’s strong suit and they both discover, patience truly is easier said than done. However the reward is…plentiful and precious.


I enjoy Helena’s writing style a great deal. Her words are solid and unhurried with a touch of silk. I always find her stories to be pleasant and smooth with endearing characters. I was fond of both Xander and Troy, though I was firmly rooted in the Troy camp. The best friends were equally fabulous and I’m stoked their story is next! Having things take place in Dublin was another bonus. I’d love to visit someday and enjoyed the inside peek into the city. Great writing, charming men and a lovely backdrop…yeah, lots to like here.


This is a prime example of great sexual tension. Ohhhh, the burn is real my friends! First of all, Xander has made a pact with his best friend which he is determined to win. No sex for thirty days. Piece of cake. Then we have Troy who doesn’t want to waste his limited time with anything without substance. He’s not looking for a quickie, he’s looking for keeps. Frankly, he’s barely keeping his head above water and doesn’t see how he can manage a relationship anyways. But rules and limitations evaporate when Xander and Troy meet. Suddenly, anything seems possible. It’s amazing how love transforms us. Xander wishes to give instead of take and Troy realizes it’s okay to receive. Their story is beautiful and if you can gather your endurance, I think you’ll agree.


Sexual frustrations and longing for forbidden fruit! And if the misunderstanding trope grates on your nerves, beware. Just know, it’s brief and quickly straightened out.

bookisforIf you crave the simmer and the slow burn, this one has it in spades.


TITLE: Patience (Dublin Virtues #1)
AUTHOR: Helena Stone
LENGTH: 170 pages
RELEASE DATE: March 28, 2017
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK, Pride Publishing

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