“Play Dead” by Avery Cockburn


Colin’s wounds have finally healed. He’s ready for his big comeback on the football pitch and can’t wait to return to a normal life—especially the rampaging sex he and his boyfriend, Lord Andrew, once indulged in.

But Andrew has his own invisible wounds. Each day the memories of that near-fatal attack tighten their grip on his mind. Yet he must stay strong for the man he loves, the man who almost died to save him.

Colin knows something’s wrong. The more questions he asks, the more Andrew hides behind his aristocratic stiff upper lip. A surprise turn of events may give them the justice they crave, but will it be enough?

When Andrew finally breaks down—in typically spectacular fashion—he must learn to trust like never before. And Colin must learn there’s more than one kind of strength.

Because with a love as mad as theirs, there’s no such thing as normal.


Have you ever read a story that felt so real and deeply personal that it felt like you were intruding on something private? That’s what happened here; I was almost to the point of turning my eyes away from the words for a moment or two. The intimacy on display here is mindblowing. It was intense and I ached as I read. My eyes burned and my heart stuttered as the boys worked through their recovery. Andrew and Colin survived something horrific together. Colin nearly died and Andrew’s world shattered as he clung to hope and made promises he fully intends to keep. He will take care of Colin. In the midst of keeping his promise, he begins to lose control. Problem is, Lord Andrew does not lose control. He…can’t. He was just as much a victim as Colin but resolutely denies it. His body is whole, it’s Colin who lost pieces of himself. But Andrew lost pieces of himself as well and a surgeon can’t put him back together again. Anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and depression paralyze Andrew. He hides his afflictions. He does his best but he’s can’t fight it forever. Soon they begin to monopolize his life, he just can’t pretend anymore. Andrew isn’t sure what he fears most, losing himself or Colin.


Before things get too heavy, let me tell you how thrilling it was being back in Glasgow. Oh, how I missed them! We step back into play right after the big celebration at Lord Andrew’s family’s estate. Their relationship has been exhilarating from the very beginning and now that Colin is physically stronger, they can resume their fiery passion in the bedroom again. Or forget the bed, who needs that? Colin gets his clearance to hit the pitch once more and that match was insanely gripping. I could hardly breathe. Sensational writing kept my rapt attention. I was happy and scared and nervous all at once. I absorbed every moment, every word and even the words that weren’t spoken. I wasn’t certain how I felt about Evan’s return into the picture at first, but I believe he has his own story to tell and regardless of my initial feelings, I’m prepared to give him a chance.


I can’t say that I have a favorite couple between all of the lads, it would be like picking a favorite child. I love them all. But I connected with Colin and Andrew immediately and was their biggest cheerleader and fan. In this novella, we are granted the privilege of slipping into their sacred place. They are in the public’s eye due to Lord Andrew’s position and place, but we are the only ones allowed behind their closed doors. I felt as if this was a gift. We witness all of the ugliness attacking Andrew (hugs him tightly) but we also see how they hold each other up. We experience how helpless it is when your lover needs you but you don’t know how to help them. How terrifying it is when your partner is breaking into millions of pieces and despite every attempt, you can’t hold them together. Andrew broke and it was agonizing to watch but I promise you, it will be okay.


I know it states otherwise, but I think it’s necessary to have read Playing to Win beforehand. I suppose you don’t have to read the entire series, but if you haven’t you are truly missing out. I don’t believe you will grasp the situation in its entirety without knowing their past.

bookisforGlasgow Lads fans most likely devoured this novella opening weekend, but if you missed it somehow, you are going to want to read it…today!



TITLE: Play Dead (Glasgow Lads #3.5)
AUTHOR: Avery Cockburn
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 170 pages
RELEASE DATE: March 23, 2017
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK

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