“A Worthy Man” by Jaime Reese


Vannguard Shaw has spent the last ten years serving a life sentence and adjusting to the ache of solitude. He accepts his fate, a sacrifice for the only man he ever loved and the one person who saw beyond his rough edges.

Drayton grew up with a trust fund and pre-planned future, but an unexpected encounter one night forces him to abandon everything and start from scratch. He is now a self-made man and developer of one of the most sought after electric exotic automobiles in the world with a fortune greater than that of his birthright. Yet, he’d surrender it all—again—for the only man who’s still ever-present in his heart.

After a decade and entirely too much distance between them, Vann is suddenly released back into a world that has been nothing but cruel. Drayton never lost hope they would once again reunite and pick up where they left off, but Vann’s stubborn nature and repeated encounters with a heartbreaking world prove to be a challenge.

Vann needs to tap into his fighting spirit’s reservoir of strength and hope life doesn’t punish him for taking a chance. Only then will he realize his own value and feel worthy enough to finally have Drayton’s heart. And their chance at forever.


Some people are lucky enough to fall in love with the love of their life. Others are blessed beyond belief with a soul mate. But, how can you tell the difference?
The love of your life captures a piece of your timeline. A soul mate slashes your timeline into two separate pieces- before and after.
The love of your life takes your breath away. A soul mate becomes the autonomic force of your breath, the subconscious drive behind your inhalations.
The love of your life makes your heart happy. A soul mate sets the rhythm of your heart, syncing it, tying it to theirs.

Love stories are a dime a dozen, and I enjoy them very much. But a tale of soul mates? I stop and take notice. I hang on every word because I know for each word spoken there are fifty that I don’t hear. I try to follow the telepathy transpiring between them, desperate to revel in it all. I want to experience a piece of what they have, even if it’s only for a moment. Jaime delivers a tender tale of two soul mates and if you want to slip into a place where strength and resilience aren’t a choice but the only choice, I suggest you stop here.
Nearly two decades ago, two men were bound together under the crown of a tree. That moment forever changed Vann and Drayton. Nothing would ever be the same, for their lost souls found one another. Then they are ripped apart…and ten years pass. Time takes its toll and they both have changed. One fears he is not worthy of the other. They are about to be reunited. I can’t wait to see what happens. Care to join me?


If you’re a fan of The Men of Halfway House you were most likely bouncing around, anxiously awaiting this release like I was. I have come to the conclusion Reese’s stories are laced with something highly addictive because I crave them like no other. I know without fail I am going to fall in love with her guys. I know they won’t be perfect but perfectly suited for one another. Her balance is exquisite. Angst will most definitely be present but the romance and love will overcome all obstacles placed in their way. Vann and Drayton suffer severely. This time the savage pain occurs before. But the thing is, true soul mates cannot be kept apart. And this leads me to the part I love the most…..


Vann and Dray discover something magical underneath the refuge of a shady tree. Love. It begins with an agreement and ends with a promise. They are going to be together always…and…forever. One tragic night their plans are shattered, their future is smashed and destroyed. Vann essentially gives his life to save Dray’s. He sacrifices his freedom in exchange for Drayton’s sentence to a future without him. But he never gave up hope. The most beautiful part is, Dray never gave up either. Against all odds, they both hold onto the thread of the bare possibility of being reunited.

This story begins when their roads merge again.

Learning how to weave themselves together a second time brings new challenges. Both have changed. Five hundred and twenty-five weeks apart is an expensive price to pay. But what they had was priceless and in the end, love conquers all. I absolutely adore it when a story vibrates with emotions. Vann and Dray’s story throbs with its own heartbeat and that is one of Jaime’s superpowers. A notebook, a studio and a bit of ink confirm the truth of words exchanged. There are SO many impressive scenes, I wish I could share them all. However, I will refrain and highly suggest you experience them firsthand. It’s very much worthy of your time.

If you are wondering about the rest of the guys, I’m thrilled to share they all appear. It may be brief for some but other’s have ample page time. And the best news of all? The Men of Halfway House does not end here, there’s MORE to come!

bewarePainful memories. Guilt. A surge of undeserving conflictions. Their pain is raw but their hope is strong. A decade apart is demanding on their libido…prepare for some serious sexiness.


Anyone who believes in soul mates and agrees that sometimes clocks and calendars don’t mean a thing, for some things are eternal.


TITLE: A Worthy Man (The Men of Halfway House #5)
AUTHOR: Jaime Reese
PUBLISHER: Romandeavor
LENGTH:  pages
RELEASE DATE: May 2nd, 2017

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