“Bold” by Garrett Leigh


Dancer Kai is the sweetheart of Blue Boy Studio. Cute and petite, he’s the slender bottom every top loves to pound. But nothing is ever quite as it seems, and beneath his golden curls and giggles lies something else…an edge no one can quite put their finger on.

Is Kai bored? Or does he crave something more?

Blue Boy Studio is under new ownership. Veteran porn star Jude has seen it all before, and with the help of Kai’s mentor, Cam, they figure Kai needs a change. Enter Matthew, a fellow dancer and the newbie on the block.

Kai isn’t impressed. Matthew is hot, but Jude and Cam’s plans seem beyond his reach. Can Kai really do…that? He doesn’t believe it, but with Matthew along for the ride, it’s time to be bold and find out.



Arghhhhh! *tosses book aside*
*quietly side-eyes book*
*quickly rescues book and gently pats cover*

This novella in the Blue Boy Studio made me crazy! I loved it and I hated it. It was hot and hotter, but I was all over the place. And after my small temper tantrum at the end, I can only hope book four is coming out soon. There is another book coming, right? We NEED another…my oneclick finger is ready and waiting! I still can’t help stick with my earlier feelings that this would have worked better as segments or serials in one story because everything runs together and continues. Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely Kai’s story but the rest of the guys are still playing important roles in the storyline. And things are worse with Sonny and Levi. *pouts* This does not make me happy. Giving me one happy ending but taking another away hurts and apparently brings out my inner toddler. Ha! Despite all my grumbling, I really did enjoy it.
Let me tell you why….


All of the guys! We have met Kai before and Matthew was briefly introduced earlier but now its time to get personal. Kai not only shoots scenes with BBS but he’s also a dancer at Silver. Matthew does the same but they rarely cross paths. Kai is good at what he does and he’s always enjoyed it, but suddenly he finds himself stuck in neutral, just going through the motions. Jon may not have called him out on it before but Jude and Mac don’t run things like Jon did. The new owners of BBS have certain expectations of their guys and Kai happens to be in the spotlight at the moment. They understand porn has an expiration date and want their boys to use their time with them as a stepping stone to improve their circumstances. Kai never graduated high school. School was not easy for him and he never had any support. Now he does. Once his learning disability is diagnosed he discovers new skills to help him succeed. Matthew has a plan and porn was simply part of his plan. Kai never had a plan beyond porn but perhaps now he can look further into his future, and maybe that future involves Matthew.


I love how Garrett brings Kai and Matthew together. They decide to switch things up in the sudio…literally. Kai and Matthew are both bottoms and Cam suggests Kai reverses his role for the camera. Kai tends to top from the bottom most of the time anyways, so it shouldn’t be that much different right? Wrong. It’s very different and the guys figure spending some time together outside of work will improve their chemistry and help the scene. Essentially, they start dating. Who knew hanging out and making out could be so amazing? Things are still falling into place at the Studio since the transition and there is no rush to do their scene. It doesn’t take long and their tender friendship transforms into something bigger. Kai’s never felt this way before and it terrifies him. Overwhelmed with feelings, he allows a moment of insecurity to crash into their fragile relationship. Now he’s gone and done it…and may have ruined the best thing in his life before he had the chance to cherish it.


Porn stars falling love bring their own set of complications and the classic misunderstanding almost destroys them. AND! The intense urge to throttle previous characters for….unknown reasons! Ohhh, I can’t wait for the next book!!

bookisforBlue Boy fans…you really should read these in order and together because I think the combination packs a powerful punch.



TITLE: Bold (Blue Boy #3)
AUTHOR: Garrett Leigh
PUBLISHER: Fox Love Press
LENGTH: 133 pages
RE-RELEASE DATE: coming in August 2017
BUY LINKS: new links coming soon, last edition: Amazon, AmazonUK

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