“Out of the Shadows” by K.C. Wells


Can he step out of the shadows and into love’s light?

Eight years ago, Christian Hernandez moved to Jamaica Plain in southern Boston, took refuge in his apartment, and cut himself off from the outside world. And that’s how he’d like it to stay.

Josh Wendell has heard his coworkers gossip about the occupant of apartment #1. No one sees the mystery man, and Josh loves a mystery. So when he is hired to refurbish the apartment’s kitchen and bathrooms, Josh is eager to discover the truth behind the rumors.

When he comes face-to-face with Christian, Josh understands why Christian hides from prying eyes. As the two men bond, Josh sees past his exterior to the man within, and he likes what he sees. But can Christian find the courage to emerge from the darkness of his lonely existence for the man who has claimed his heart?



I’m not entirely sure what made me come back to this one, but I’m glad I did. I originally dismissed it, looking at the cover and deciding to skip it. But then I kept thinking about it. The blurb stuck with me and I became more and more curious. The following day I revisited the offer and gave it a go. This was my first time with K.C. Wells and I found her voice soft but intriguing. I was only a few chapters in when I realized it was going to be a one sitting read, I just didn’t want to put it down. I enjoyed both Christian and Josh from the get go and was entirely vested in their story. I’m so thankful their story snagged me and insisted I discover them and I believe you will feel the same.


Initially, a mysterious vibe draws you into this tale. Who is this isolated man? Why does he hide from the world? What happened to him that caused him his freedom? And when you discover the reasons behind Christian’s reclusiveness, your heart will ache. A single moment in time changed his life forever. He survived a tragic accident but the life he knew was stolen. Rather than face pity or worse, repulsiveness, Christian embraces the life of a hermit. His self-confidence is shattered, he’s afraid and most of all, he’s lonely. In reality, he isn’t living but merely existing.
Then without his consent, his apartment complex begins a remodel, which includes his apartment. His safe haven is no longer private. A stranger must come into his home and his anxiety soars. To his utter shock, the stranger is sweet, gentle and…familiar. Before he knows it, his carefully constructed walls are crumbling. Maybe he was wrong and there’s hope for his happiness after the accident after all?


The characters make this story so powerful. I quickly fell for both of them. Josh is everything Christian needs and didn’t know he needed. I was captivated during their slow dance. This was a beautiful slow burn. Josh doesn’t see a monster when he looks at Christian, he sees beauty. He yearns to help Christian see past the images that haunt him. When Josh looks at Christian he sees a brave, strong man who survived something horrific. He sees his kindness and fun sense of humor, and most of all he sees his heart. Before long, he sees his soul mate as well. Wells delivers a beautiful love story while simultaneously demonstrating the power love holds in overcoming severe obstacles. Love gave Christian the boost he needed to spread his wings and fly again. It was stunning to witness. I hope you have the chance to see it too.


Slow-burn romance. Hurt-comfort romance. Surviving life-altering accidents and the mental anguish that accompanies such trauma.

bookisforIf you’re like me and browsed past this story at first, take a step backward and reconsider…trust me, it’s worth it.



TITLE: Out of the Shadows
AUTHOR: K.C. Wells
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
LENGTH: 250 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 15, 2017
BUY LINKS: Dreamspinner PressAmazon

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