“Cruising” by Cate Ashwood


Best friends Dylan and Jake have been inseparable since college, but Dylan has one secret he can’t bring himself to share with Jake—he’s completely, utterly in love with him.

Jake’s friendship is the most important thing in the world to Dylan, so as much as it hurts to see him with other people, Dylan keeps his mouth shut about his true feelings. When Jake wins a cruise to Alaska, he asks Dylan to go along, but what Dylan doesn’t know, is that there’s more on offer than a dream vacation.

Can Dylan and Jake sail off to their happily ever after, or are they cruising toward disaster?



This free novella (yay! thank you Cate!) is equal parts ‘awwww‘ and ‘is it hot in here?‘. Best friends to boyfriends is a sensational trope that always entertains me. Dylan and Jake share the storytelling duties and I thought this was a superb choice. When the pages are limited, it’s even more crucial to create a connection between the reader and the story. I’m grateful we were given insight into both of the guys inner musings.

As the blurb states, Dylan and Jake have been friends for a long time but the time was never right for Dylan to confess his true feelings for Jake. Jake is the most important person in Dylan’s life and he simply can’t jeopardize their friendship. He’s too special to risk. But it’s more than sexual attraction. Dylan is head over heels in love with his bestie. When he’s invited on a last-minute trip, a cruise to Alaska, with Jake he’s thrilled and terrified. Close quarters are going to be torturous. But Dylan doesn’t know getting him hot and bothered is precisely Jake’s plan.


Ashwood has mastered the ability to perfectly mix sweet and spicy. I easily warmed to both Dylan and Jake and found it amusing that they both secretly coveted each other. They know nearly everything there is to know about the other. Well, except the fact they both are hiding deeper feelings they’re scared will be exposed. The “complimentary” cruise was a fun touch. I smiled, I laughed and I even melted a little. I’d say that’s a smashing combination in my book.



Things move at a fairly quick pace but I was instantly hooked and needed to know how things played out. Jake decided to tempt fate and hope it resulted in his favor. I’ve come to rely on Cate to deliver a HEA with an extra side of sexy. Annnd, this was no exception. They begin as solid friends harboring secrets but soon everything is laid bare and I mean bare! As soon as they fall into bed together everything changes. But that was the intent, right? They take full advantage of their vacay and everyone wonders what will happen when they resume real life. Let me tell you, I absolutely loved the ending! And *gulp* did you see the cover??



Skimming the surface. When the pages tally under fifty, it’s common for the character details to be lightweight. I enjoyed both of the guys and could have easily read another hundred pages or more.

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TITLE: Cruising 
AUTHOR: Cate Ashwood
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 45 pages
RELEASE DATE: December, 8th, 2017
BUY LINKS: Instafeebie

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