“Going Off Grid” by S.J.D. Peterson


Clay and Elliott are working toward a dream—working sixty-hour weeks for one of the oil companies that recently sprung up in North Dakota. The pay is good, but is it a fair trade for never seeing each other? The point becomes moot when the company folds, like so many others, and the couple is left with a difficult choice.

Should they find comparable work somewhere else, or is it time to throw caution to the wind and go after their goal—years earlier than they intended?

What they’ve always wanted is to be together and have time to enjoy it, so they follow their hearts. They’re going off the grid and fixing up an old cabin so they can be self-sufficient. But when they go from all the conveniences of the modern world to outhouses, solar power, a shoestring budget, and more mosquitos than they ever thought possible, will they find there’s such a thing as too much time together?


I’m really not picky when it comes to my love stories. I adore fresh and first love, second chance stories, and established couples navigating obstacles as they continue their journey together. The first is exciting, the next is full of hope and the last is warm and fuzzy. Life is full of twists and turns. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment that, “it’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it’. Going off Grid is a prime example that a couple striving and driving towards their dream can capture their happiness despite unexpected roadblocks.


This novella kicks off with our lovely couple pushing hard towards their goal. Both Clay and Elliott are breaking their backs with long hard hours at the oil refinery in their small town. They work opposite shifts and have very little quality time together. They both realize the gravy train they are riding has borrowed time and they sacrifice building their relationship in the process. Trusting a solid foundation, they cherish the sparse moments they have together and focus on the end game. Early retirement. Work hard now, play hard later. That is until their grand plans are derailed when they both find themselves laid off. It wasn’t completely unexpected but it was premature and put a major kink in their plans. What will they do now? Can they hold on to each other and survive the life storm flipping them upside down? I really enjoyed the quick submerge into their new reality, the beautiful setting in North Dakota, and the steady pace to this short story.


What I loved most about this book was the characters. When the pages are limited character connection is key. Clay and Elliott are similar yet vastly different and their relationship demonstrates how couples strengthen each individual when they become a pair. Clay pushes Elliott and in turn, Elliott pulls Clay. It’s clear they couldn’t conquer this dream without one another. They are both good men but become better when together. Simple gestures like bringing home favorite snacks or tending to aches and pains left a sweet smile on my face. I also loved witnessing them shave off the fat and focus on the necessities. This isn’t simply a new house but a total lifestyle change. They convert an old cabin in the wilderness into their home. Concessions must be made and unforeseen obstacles continue to land in their path. Sweat, blood and other bodily fluids are spilled during this project. I enjoyed the comfort levels and the tenderness. There was a relaxing vibe that was exactly what I needed on this particular day. Overall, it was a very satisfying story.


No angst. The only conflict here lies in their doubt and risk of forging ahead early. There is sweet and sexy but not a lick of turmoil. Under a hundred pages limits the depth but Peterson does not deliver anything shallow.

bookisforIf you are looking for a quick and lighthearted read, this fits the bill.



TITLE: Going Off Grid
AUTHOR: SJD Peterson
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner’s Press
LENGTH: 78 pages
RELEASE DATE: March 23, 2018
BUY LINKS: Dreamspinner PressAmazon

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