“Breaker of Chains” by Jordan L. Hawk


Caught between the worlds of human and drakul, Caleb and Gray must make a fateful choice.

Big changes are afoot at SPECTR. John Starkweather, once a hotshot field agent, is now benched. Instead of chasing down demons during Charleston’s biggest outbreak, he’s stuck interviewing exorcists about a previous case. But what at first seems like a busywork assignment takes a darker turn, as John begins to suspect the increase in possessions might not be coincidence, but part of an unseen conspiracy.

The vampire spirit Gray was made to hunt demons and drink their blood. He and his human host, Caleb Jansen, ought to be at the forefront of SPECTR’s field team. But their new partners refuse to let Gray use any of his abilities, let alone actually hunt and fight.

Fortunately, Caleb and Gray have allies outside of SPECTR: the only other living drakul, Drugoy and his host Yuri Azarov. Yuri and Dru live by no mortal’s rules, and they can show Caleb and Gray how to do the same…depending on how far they’re willing to go.

Because breaking the rules comes with a cost, and the price of Caleb and Gray’s freedom may be the life of the man they love.


Oh sweet mercy! I am equal parts ecstatic and exasperated. Seems like a familiar feeling with this series. I couldn’t download this baby fast enough and power read it in one dose. BUT! I was stomping my feet and pulling off a spectacular temper tantrum by the end. My inner child/needy greedy reader was having a meltdown. Because…..we have another brutal cliffhanger! Why oh why must you torture us so Hawk? Okay, I’ll admit I’m eager for my next torture session but, you’re killing me. Seriously. This cliffy was…especially hard. I wasn’t left with the typical book buzz this series gives me. I found myself biting my lip and wringing my hands. I’m…nervous and upset and jonesing for the next installment.

Breaker of Chains has a different tone than the previous books. They are still doing their thing and rocking it but…not as a unit. John is stressed, Gray is frustrated and Caleb is…wearing a suit! Say what? Yeah, things are out of whack. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, really good, but I found it more stressful than any of the other books in the series. Almost as if, the heat has been cranked up to an uncomfortable level rather than the pleasant burn of the other books. Things have shifted and are unsettled. The unpredictability is nerve-wracking. And, I can’t wait for more!!



Slipping back into the SPECTR world fills me with a giddy joy and excitement that’s hard to explain unless you’ve been there. If you enjoy PNR and haven’t found this series yet, you are sorely missing out. Start at the beginning. This isn’t a standalone and should be consumed in the proper order. This world is unbelievably amazing. This particular segment was longer than the last and I was glad we had a hearty serving. I’ve missed them and found myself soaking up their quirks and unique dynamic. I’ll admit I’m not thrilled the guys have been separated at work. I understand why…but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. *grumbles with Gray* My heart hurt for Caleb and I agreed with Gray’s sentiment more than once. The last book introduced new faces and I was looking forward to getting to know “them”. We get closer to Dru and Yuri but I’m leery and undecided if I’m a fan or not. However, I have no doubt Hawk will give me what I need in the next book. So far this series has been a sure thing and as long as I settle into my patience chair, it’s all good. Honestly, book patience isn’t my strongest suit. But sacrifices must be made and if waiting is one of them, count me in for the long haul.


Gray. And Caleb. And John. I just love them to pieces. As I mentioned this one hurt a bit more. They are being pulled and pushed and begin to weaken. Witnessing them fade from the invincible triangle they have been was tough. I prefer to see them fly but sometimes you have to fall before you soar. As with any lengthy series conflict is necessary to drive them forward. When the turmoil is “in-house” I get fussy. But you know what they say about makeup sex? *gulp* They are so hot now, I’m afraid my kindle will catch fire in the next book. It’s going to be okay. They will be fine…better than. I say this because I believe deep in my heart they are destined for the best happily ever after in paranormal history. Yep. It’s gonna be epic. Has anybody heard when the next book is coming? Please pass it along when you do! I will have to clear my schedule for another bookfest. Everything stops when a SPECTR book comes out, these guys top off my need-to-read-now shelf. #spectrobsessed

bewareNew players throw a kink in the circle or errr, triangle. And it’s not a welcome kink in my opinion. The team has been broken up and I missed them working together. I also missed Zahira, she’s not as active in this book. And yes, don’t forget about the bloody cliffhanger. Regardless of any grumbles, plan on a sensational story. It’s so good. Ohh, and of course there’s some gore. But that’s to be expected by now.

bookisforPNR fans, Hawk fans and SPECTR fans. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating…..you might want to wait until the series is finished if cliffhangers aren’t your thing. AND…if you haven’t begun this extraordinary journey yet, you really really should.



TITLE: Breaker of Chains (SPECTR 2.4)
AUTHOR: Jordan L. Hawk
PUBLISHER: Widdershin’s Press
LENGTH: 163 pages
RELEASE DATE: March 16, 2018

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