“If I Should Stumble” by Claire Davis & Al Stewart

aboutLove is sure and timeless and forever. It whispers over the morning coffee and the last thought before sleep. Love is beyond hope, and cruel as life.

Kaz has been in the UK for almost a year, but the days pass by in an endless round of alcohol and nothingness. He has a story but no words good or bad enough to tell it, until one day, he is assigned a new peer mentor who asks him to help train a sponsored running team. Something that was stretched as old parchment breaks inside, and memories begin to re-surface.

Zack is overjoyed when his friend Adam asks him to be part of the sponsored run team trying to make money for the local homeless shelter. All day he makes cakes to lighten people’s load, but something is missing from his life. Then he meets the boy with eyes like the desert, and with every step he runs, Zack’s light burns away the darkness in Kaz’s heart.

As the race heats gets nearer, Tork, Adam, Zack and Jo realise that under Kaz’s careful programme, they have a chance to qualify and set right some of the wrongs of this world.

This book features the characters Tork and Adam from The Invasion of Tork and The Invasion of Adam.


I was so excited for this book…I bought it twice. (imma dork) Ha! And…..I’d happily buy it again. (it got a little lost on my kindle, please don’t judge…I’m a work in progress)
It was EVERYTHING and more.

This fantabulous penning duo blows me away with their words. Every time.
I loved Tork and Adam and was infatuated with the first two books but this? This?! I’m still gazing at my kindle with a mixed sense of wonder and utmost respect.
I would link my reading experience with Davis and Stewart on the same wavelength as reading a Suki Fleet story. If you love Fleet’s writing, I am certain you will love Davis & Stewart’s stories too. And vice versus.
There are gaps…holes…you aren’t meant to know everything. And the beauty of it is, you don’t need to. It’s okay. You will discover what you need to. Sometimes, you don’t have to know all of the details to understand. To grasp what is important. And they tell us all of the necessary bits. *sigh* And it’s tragically beautiful.

Kaz is a refugee. I’m not sure where he’s from. It doesn’t matter…really. What matters is how his existence was cast away because of who he is. He was forced to flee, run for his life because…they knew. Such an innocent soul to have suffered so greatly. I want to squeeze him tight!
He has made his way to the UK and he is…surviving. Barely.
Numbing himself daily doesn’t equate to living. But he can’t talk. He can’t…remember. It’s too much. Then his new peer mentor, Tork, forces him to care. Even if it’s a minuscule amount, even if it’s a baby step, it’s enough to pull him back. Next thing he knows, he finds himself coaching a team of awkward runners with a golden purpose. They must race to raise money and awareness for the shelter. Running. This he can do. Or he used to. And when he meets Zack he thinks he might be able to stay on the path, even if he stumbles…again.


As I mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Tork and Adam. They won me over with their memorable story and I have no doubt they are…a forever deal. But, it was nice to see them again. They are so swoony. And they make me laugh. This is the third book in their series but they take the backseat here. Kaz and Zack are up front. I was happy to let them drive. I kinda wish we knew a bit more about Zack but I was pleased with what he brought to the table. He was exactly what Kaz needed and for that, I loved him.


I’ll be honest, I was completely focused on Kaz and holding onto hope that he would recover from his deep, festering wounds, that I was a bit blindsided by the romance. I liked Zack but I wasn’t truly expecting him to be so…much. He was everything Kaz needed. He’s longed to belong and find his place, which turned out to be at Kaz’s side. I loved the writing. Davis and Stewart marvel me with their eloquence. I loved the running team. I loved how Kaz found his confidence in coaching. I loved how they became a family. I just loved it. Gahhh, it’s brilliant.

bewareThe road Kaz has traveled is far from easy. He has suffered and suffered severely. It’s going to be a long time before he’s at ease. The piles? Oh my heart! But he has love, strength and light to chase away the demons. This is New Adult so you can expect little to no steam. But that doesn’t diminish their connection in the slightest.

bookisforIf you haven’t met (and fallen) for Tork and Adam yet, I think it’s time you become acquainted. Then make your way to Kaz and Zack and please give them both my love. They deserve all the happiness in the world.



TITLE: If I Should Stumble (Tork & Adam #3)
AUTHOR: Claire Davis & Al Stewart
PUBLISHER: Beaten Track
LENGTH: 148 pages
RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2016
BUY LINKS: Beaten Track, Amazon, B&NKobo

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