“Test of Valor” by Keira Andrews


They’re free of the White House, but can their forbidden romance survive in the real world?

With his father no longer president, twenty-two-year-old Rafa Castillo can finally be with ex-Secret Service agent Shane Kendrick. Shane’s given up his career for Rafa, a move his fellow agents question the sanity and morality of. Eager to get away from the questions and judgement, Rafa and Shane are building a new life together in Australia. Though Shane struggles with nightmares and his over-protective instincts while Rafa fights his own insecurity, they love each other more than ever.

Now they just have to get through a visit from the former president and first lady.

Rafa’s parents certainly don’t approve of his romance with forty-year-old Shane, and they’re determined to make him see reason. They don’t see how their son could possibly be happy settling down with an older man, and they question Shane’s motives. Shane and Rafa just want a normal life together—but when they must suddenly battle for survival, they fight to prove their fierce love can withstand any threat.

This gay romance from Keira Andrews is the conclusion of the Valor duology. It features a May-December age difference, sex on the beach, and of course a happy ending.



I had the pleasure of reading both books in this series back to back. It was a double whammie of KA goodness. I quickly fell for both Rafa and Shane in the first book and couldn’t wait to continue on with their journey. They are happily together, starting their life as one on the other side of the world. Australia is good for them. Rafa has some much needed space from his parents, the media, and everything stress related in D.C. He is living his fantasy with the man of his dreams and beginning his culinary study making new friends. Life is good. He feels Shane is slightly holding back from letting Rafa into all aspects of his life but he’s determined to give him time to adjust to their new life. After all, Shane gave up his career and main drive of his life to be with Rafa. What else could they have to endure together before peace finds them? Well, according to Andrews, their fight isn’t over yet.


I was thrilled their story wasn’t over and couldn’t wait to discover what obstacles their future held. Their age difference brings challenges to the table. Rafa is sensitive about his “young” status but he’s not the only one. Shane not only struggles with his deep need to keep Rafa sheltered from nightmares from their past but from proving his worth to Rafa’s family. He is well aware Rafa’s parents are not his biggest fans but he didn’t quite realize the strength of their disdain. The hardest part is…he understands why they might jump to the false conclusions that Shane isn’t the best partner for Rafa. They are good for each other, they help each other, and most importantly, they truly love each other. The question is: is love always enough??


The romance and genuine love Shane and Rafa have for each other is the strongest part of this sequel. I always enjoy stories set in Australia. The beach sets a gorgeous backdrop. I loved the fact that they are surfing together. I loved how carefree they are with their affection. It was wonderful watching Rafa come out of his shell. His parents are less than supportive of his relationship with Shane but he is steadfast with his efforts to try to bring them together. But when it comes down to it, Rafa is done trying to please everyone else. He is chasing his own happiness now and that includes an older man who stole his heart. There is a bit of miscommunication or more precisely lack of communication, but when they finally lay it all on the table they connect in a whole new level. All guards are dropped and the trust blossoms beautifully. I loved watching them become an unbreakable ‘us’. And they are unbelievably sexy together!


The action is present but slightly subdued compared to book one. Rafa’s mom behaves horribly. And the trust and communication between these two begins weak but quickly strengthens.


If you enjoyed Valor and his bodyguard in the first book, I suggest you pick this one up. Surfing, succulent food and sex? Yes please!



TITLE: Test of Valor (Valor #2)
AUTHOR: Keira Andrews
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 244 pages
RELEASE DATE: April 26th, 2018
BUY LINKS: Amazon 

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