“Something Different” by S.A. Reid


An Unhappily Married Man
Michael Maguire’s love life has always lacked … something. His wife is cold, his children are distant, and he’s desperate for one night of self-indulgence. One night of real pleasure. So he heads to notorious Brixton Park seeking a prostitute, so divorced from his own needs, he isn’t even sure of his type.

A Rent Boy
James Campbell is one trick away from life on the street. Trapped in the world’s oldest profession, he long ago gave up on breaking free. When he sees Michael on a bench in Brixton Park, he doesn’t take no for an answer. James knows he can provide all the pleasure an unhappy, repressed man needs.

Something Different
That first night leads to an affair so deep, so honest and challenging, neither Michael nor James can predict its end. Each tryst brings them a little closer, sampling every kind of pleasure until nothing is off the table. Not even love…



I shouldn’t have liked this book. There is more than one aspect that typically doesn’t work for me. But for some reason, somehow, Reid pulled it off in such a way that…really worked for me. Which reminds me that all books are unique and a different experience for each and every reader. There are times I read someone else’s perspective to a book and wonder, ‘did we read the same book?’ But the truth is, we may not have. Because where we are, who we are, and what we are feeling all affect the books we read. I happened to be sitting in an airport, perturbed because I couldn’t load the book I wanted to read and thought, I’ll read one of the oldest books on my kindle. I started this and before I knew it, was completely enthralled and couldn’t be bothered to eat dinner. I was struck with the writing and their untimely situation…and quite frankly, couldn’t get enough. Needless to say, I was impressed and any and all preconceptions went out the window.


The characters instantly gripped me. Michael is miserable. He’s desperate for something new and invigorating. His marriage is superficial at best. His children are distant. His social life is pathetic. He is trapped and suddenly finds himself needing something. He crosses paths with James and a piece of him shifts. James awakens his soul and brings light to his dreary surroundings. James has his own secrets, but he feels the pull and longs to be with Michael as much as Michael yearns for him. But their worlds are poles apart. They could never be…could they? Well, let’s just see…..


They are a bit backwards with their relationship but it’s no less powerful. Although they come from distinctly clashing backgrounds, they give each other what the other needs. They enhance one another, making them stronger…better…together. I loved how they heal and support each other…in every way. I was astounded with the reality of their story. It wasn’t just a rich middle-aged man leaving his family for a hooker. No. It was far from that. It was about self-discovery and liberation. It was about forgiveness and acceptance. It was about courage and rising above. And better yet, they rose together and it was beautiful. Anytime dental scenes are thrown in, I perk up and pay close attention. I thought Jame’s accident was handled superbly. I believe that’s the gist of this story as a whole…everything was executed remarkably well.

bewareCheating. I don’t like it. It’s one of my hard triggers. Oddly enough, the honesty in his disloyalty made sense out of the affair. Rent boys. James has been working the streets trying to stay out of living in them. His story isn’t easy. History of child abuse. I found these scenes especially difficult but also necessary to pull back another layer of Michael. Age-gap. Which was no concern of mine.


Not to be tart but…if you’re looking for something different, I highly suggest you start here. Now, I’m off to see what other gems my Kindle might be hiding.


TITLE: Something Different
PUBLISHER: Lyonnesse Books
LENGTH: 112 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 1, 2011

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