“A Chosen Man” by Jaime Reese


For Wall McCormack, actions speak louder than words. He’s giving and protective, loyal to his friends, and devoted to his job. While confident and powerful enough to conquer any challenge, his greatest strength lies in his calm nature. Until an unexpected assignment sends his world into a loud and colorful chaos he never could have anticipated.

Rejection. It’s something Dylan Vaughn has known his entire life. But he’s a tough nut to crack and refuses to break. Armed with a sharp tongue and brutal honesty, he pushes through life and at anyone who attempts to take him on. Except for the quiet guardian who piques his interest and dares him to want…more.

When Dylan’s past comes back with a vengeance and jeopardizes their growing connection, Wall will stop at nothing to protect the younger man and remain by his side. But convincing Dylan that someone accepts the real man behind the cocky facade might prove to be Wall’s greatest challenge yet.

With his freedom on the line, Dylan must trust the strength of their bond and confront the forces threatening their future. Only then will he realize the dream of acceptance is real and finally have a place to call home.


How do you perfect perfection? I’m not sure but I am sure Jaime Reese knows…you’ll have to ask her. Somehow, someway The Men of Halfway House grow stronger and stronger with every couple. I hope her muse continues to bombard her with more men, more stories, and more greatness because I can guarantee you, I’ll never tire of another addition to this magnificent series. In the past, I’ve found myself gravitating towards series that involve the same couple. But this series tackles a fresh couple every time and I find myself contemplating if they have become my new favorite. I think it’s a blessing I only have one child because this is a prime example of me whispering ‘you’re my favorite” to each and every new couple that Reese delivers. I love them all…fiercely. Just when I think it can’t get any better, it does. Wall is stoic, sturdy and ohhh-so-sexy. Dylan is smart, sassy and equally sexy. Put them together? Blinding brilliance. Their story is brimming with adrenaline, attitude, and an abundance of love. And it’s calling your name.


When it comes to strong stubborn characters, Reese delivers in full force. Let’s start with Wall. He’s a cop. More precisely, he’s a member of a tactical team, SRT to be exact. What is SRT? Well, some would say, the police that the police call for help. “Special Response Teams” are the officers that handle the high-risk situations. The raids and the extremely dangerous calls. The known criminals and felons almost guaranteed to fight back are the people they tango with on a daily basis. A law enforcement officer must always…walk a thin line. We expect them to embrace the darkness to protect us. Tactical officers face a greater challenge because they deal with the bottom of the barrel….day in and day out. Holding onto humanity isn’t always easy. Wall has come to realize, his profession has an expiration date and he’s almost there. When a stranger trying to hide in spite of his bright and vibrant aura catches his eye, everything shifts in his world. Dylan is the newest member of The Halfway House and he’s proven to be a challenge within the first 24 hours. He was born with a gift that has felt almost like a curse at times. His unimaginable powers of memory and computer wizardry marked him…with a bullseye on his back. His entire life, no one has ever…selected him. He’s never been preferred or chosen…until now. Wall grants him a first. The first time someone has ever wanted him for himself. *sigh* Which takes us to what I loved most about this story…


Dylan longs for someone to understand him. And he’s even more desperate for someone to love him. Abandoned at birth and discarded his entire childhood has left him jaded and aloof. When he finally let down his guard and thought someone actually cared, he was burned in the worst possible way. People can’t be trusted. You can’t rely on anyone. Or is it…he hasn’t met the right person to trust and rely on? Wall silently shatters all of his preconceptions. One of the many things I love about Jaime’s stories is the depth and purity of her characters. She pens with meticulous sincerity. The flavor may change slightly but the base elements are still there. I always chuckle, smile, melt, and swoon whenever I devour her books. And once is never enough for me. I immediately dive back in for a second dose. Rereading is an indulgence I rarely allow myself because I always have a stack of books to read. But Wall and Dylan struck me with such a profound impact, I wasn’t ready to let them go. To be honest, I’m still not. They are very different men in a very difficult and dangerous situation…but you can’t stop love. Trust, tenacity and tender hope spark a fire between them. A blaze that burns red-hot and it was absolutely mesmerizing. I would be remiss not to mention the stunning secondary cast. Of course, we have our HH guys but Ox and Wall’s mom are equally incredible. Secured with a striking cover, the package is complete. It’s everything I wanted and then some. And I hope you have the immense pleasure of joining them on their action-packed ride.

bewareDangerous men. Guns blazing. And hearts merging. Not only is Wall hefty in size but so is his story. I was blissfully absorbing every page and didn’t want it to end. I could have easily read another several hundred pages.


The Men of Halfway House fans have most likely already greedily grabbed this gem…but! If you haven’t met Matt, J and their guys yet…this is truly a fabulous place to start. I’m typically a stickler about reading books in proper order but this honestly can be read as a stand-alone. Just forewarning you…another five books are about to hit your TBR if this is your first ride with Jaime’s guys. One time won’t be enough.


TITLE: A Chosen Man (The Men of Halfway House #6)
AUTHOR: Jaime Reese
PUBLISHER: Romandeavor
LENGTH: 470 pages
RELEASE DATE: September 26, 2018

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