“Any Given Lifetime” by Leta Blake


He’ll love him in any lifetime.

Neil isn’t a ghost, but he feels like one. Reincarnated with all his memories from his prior life, he spent twenty years trapped in a child’s body, wanting nothing more than to grow up and reclaim the love of his life.

As an adult, Neil finds there’s more than lost time separating them. Joshua has built a beautiful life since Neil’s death, and how exactly is Neil supposed to introduce himself? As Joshua’s long-dead lover in a new body? Heartbroken and hopeless, Neil takes refuge in his work, developing microscopic robots called nanites that can produce medical miracles.

When Joshua meets a young scientist working on a medical project, his soul senses something his rational mind can’t believe. Has Neil truly come back to him after twenty years? And if the impossible is real, can they be together at long last?

Any Given Lifetime is a stand-alone, slow burn, second chance gay romance by Leta Blake featuring reincarnation and true love. This story includes some angst, some steam, an age gap, and, of course, a happy ending.



This is the type of story that lingers with you. I found myself constantly daydreaming about it and will definitely read it again. Despite my confusion and small niggles, I will enjoy going back to the beginning and experiencing their unique story a second time. Considering my endless and ever growing to-be-read pile, when a book makes it to my reread shelf, I know it’s special. And that’s exactly what this story is…special. Wild and weird…but special. Perhaps it’s because it’s my first reincarnation story? Or maybe it’s because Neil and Joshua exemplify the immense power of true love? Regardless, their tale is unlike anything I’ve ever read before and I’m certain nothing will ever compare to their boundless love.


If I’m completely honest, I disliked Neil in the beginning. And maybe in the middle too. Yet I absolutely adored him by the end. Which is truly one of my favorite things, when an author twists my disdain into delight. For some reason, Joshua falls for him straight away. Clearly, he penetrated through the arrogant layers and saw his heart and soul. *sigh* Heart and Soul is the crux of this story. Sadly, Neil is taken from Joshua before their story was able to fulfill its potential. Joshua’s grief is severe and nearly consumes him. But his path detours and he meets Lee. Lee is easy to love. And although Joshua thought he’d never fall again, he discovers his broken heart can beat for another again. During this time, Neil’s soul returns in a new body. *cue the twilight music* This is when things get weird for me. Obviously, I don’t know but I wouldn’t envision reincarnation to unfold as it does here. Setting that niggle aside, Neil’s determination to return to Joshua will tug on your heartstrings. And this takes me to what…


I have read very few love stories that evoke such immense and powerful love as this painstakingly beautiful tale. The love that Neil and Joshua share is not only persistent but it’s unstoppable. Nothing can keep them apart, not even death. I found this both glorious and mind-boggling. Blake weaves their path in a figure eight formation, otherwise recognized as infinity. The sci-fi elements were clearly present but subtle. They break and separate only to twist back around to one another again. Prepare for an onslaught of emotions. Love, loss and the impossible becoming possible. I was anxious and scared when Lee came into the picture. He understood that he could never have all of Joshua’s heart because he no longer possessed its entirety. He gave a portion away years before to Neil and yet Lee was never jealous or resentful. I adored his pure, open and loving attitude. He was exactly what Joshua needed during those years he was separated from Neil. Another wonderful secondary character was Neil’s mom. I instantly warmed to her and loved her unconditional love for her son. I could go on and on, but it’s best for you to discover the sensational bits of this story first hand. Ohhh, just one more thing…the smexy bits? Smoking, sizzling and blistering hot!


bewareThe grief and anguish from losing loved ones. Two men share the heart of another. A cocky genius that’s bound to rub you the wrong way…at first. And an extraordinary love story that sets itself apart from all the others.



If you are looking for a love story that binds two hearts together for eternity, this is everything you are searching for and more.



TITLE: Any Given Lifetime
AUTHOR: Leta Blake
PUBLISHER: Leta Blake Books
LENGTH: 215 pages
RELEASE DATE: September 13, 2018

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