“Summerfield’s Angel” by Kim Fielding


After the hard winter of 1888 ended Alby Boyle’s work as a Nebraska ranch hand, he returned to New York City in search of his long-lost family. His mother and brothers are nowhere to be found, however, and after Alby’s years of absence, Five Corners no longer feels like home. His prospects seem as dim as the nighttime alleys.

When Alby pauses to admire an angel ornament in a department store window’s Christmas display, he meets Xeno Varnham-Summerfield. Wealthy, handsome, and enthusiastic, Xeno brings Alby some temporary cheer. But for Alby to achieve his dreams of love and a real home, well, that may take a bit of holiday magic.

I am absolutely smitten with this series so far! Fielding takes us across the pond a century later. Our glorious angel has found her way to the Big Apple. That’s right. NYC in 1888 is quite the place to be. Alby has returned after his life has taken another abrupt turn. He might have been born in the city but he finished his childhood and grew into a man in the vast open country. Nebraska saved him from his impending future of imprisonment, or worse when living in New York was dragging him through the gutters. “Placing out” was a blessing in disguise and gave him opportunities he would have never known. But when the great blizzard hit, things hit rock bottom once more. Untethered and unsure, Alby ventures back to where his roots began. He should have known it was a fool’s errand hoping to find his family but perhaps it was ordained that someone else should find him.

A cowboy in New York attracts a great deal of attention. When Xeno spots the curious man outside his store window he can’t stop the magnetic draw. He is stricken with a burning desire to discover all there is to know about Alby. And the allure is equally balanced, for Alby is fascinated with Xeno too. He’s far too rich for his blood but Alby can’t seem to help himself. He’s helpless when Xeno requests anything of him and he hasn’t had anyone ever look at him the way Xeno does. Xeno is capable of securing almost everything his heart desires. He’s a man with means and should be content. Sadly, money doesn’t sate all desires and Xeno wishes for a man to fall in love with. And not just for now, but for forevermore. Fortunately, a beauty in gowns of gold sprinkles her magic and brings Alby and Xeno the most precious gift of all…love.



Fielding delivers the complete Christmas wish list! Sweet, sexy, and a swoony ending. I adored both Alby and Xeno. I loved taking a stroll back in time in New York City. I relished the pleasant persistence the angel brought to the story. The secondary cast remains out of focus but nevertheless, they were impacting. I appreciated the focal point remaining on Alby and Xeno since the pages were limited but still enjoyed the rest of the cast. From YMCA’s saving grace to Xeno’s family, they all round out this spectacular story. Of course, what I love most of all was the forbidden but fated romance between our lost cowboy and his striking shopkeeper. A simple meal turns into a special present which then develops into an overnight surprise. I was entranced every step of the way.


bewareA glimmering lady who continues to interfer…for which we are all beholden to her. Two diverse men that demonstrate love is infinite and blind to social status. And a few heart-racing scenes ranging from slippery sheets to speeding steeds.


bookisforIf you haven’t begun your Christmas stories as of yet, what are you waiting for? And please do stop here. I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy this divine intervention.


**Also noteworthy to mention that Kim is donating all the royalties from this book go to Doctors Without Borders! So go on, treat yourself and someone else! 





Title: Summerfield’s Angel (The Christmas Angel #2)
Author: Kim Fielding
Length: 113 Pages
Publisher: self-pub
Release Date: December 2, 2018

Buy Link: Amazon

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