“Liam for Hire” by A. Zukowski


Liam Murphy has kicked his drug habit and now pays for the high living costs in London as an escort. His life is finally in balance. His only problem is that he obsesses about the minimum number of times he has to bend over to make ends meet. As long as he has his emotions under control, it’ll be fine. That’s what Liam keeps telling himself until he meets the young widower Alastair, also known as Ali, whose emerald eyes remind him of Ireland.

“I…I want us to have sex as though we’re making love.”

Making love? Jaysus.

I scratch my head. “Okay. You mean more kisses and shit?”

Ali laughs.

“And shit.” His face lights up and he looks about ten years younger. “Like cuddles.”


Second chances. I believe in them. I relish in their success. This book is about second chances; another go at life. But in all honesty, this story was a soaring second chance for me. I was grateful for the opportunity to experience it but I struggled with the first chapter. I’m not entirely sure what it was that discouraged me but…I set it aside. Thankfully, I came back to it. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I haven’t read The Boy Who Fell to Earth….yet. Maybe I expected something else? Whatever it was, it didn’t click straight away. A friend encouraged me to continue and barely a few pages further into my second attempt, I was hooked. I yearned for Liam to have peace. I longed for Ali to find his elusive contentment. I was desperate for them to find happiness…together. *spoiler* All my wishes were granted. Zukowski takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions and I’m very much looking forward to my next rendezvous in London.


Bold writing takes us on an unabashed journey. As we get to know Liam I couldn’t help but respect him. He is honest, to a fault at times, but it’s clear early on that Liam is genuine through and through. He’s hit rock bottom before and is well aware of the turbulence life can bring. Selling his body, succumbing to the iron grip of drugs, and finding himself without a place to call home are only a few of the hurdles he’s overcome. In spite of any perceived weaknesses, he stands firm and resolute. Deep down he falls victim to self-doubt and judgment. *sigh* But then Alastair comes into his life. And well, everything changes.

loveActually, only one thing changes. Liam is loved. Deeply and unconditionally. This is a first for him and he’s struggling to find balance and acceptance with this…gift. He may have loved before. He might have thought he was loved in return. As it turns out, not a single soul saw him, knew him, and truly loved him before Ali. As soon as we meet Ali, I felt the shift in the story. I tripped over my fingers and couldn’t read fast enough. Ali is special and stole my heart at once. Ali is shouldering his own demons. His ‘coming of age’ and sexual revelation was later in life. He was married…to a woman. He lost his wife and grief and guilt are suffocating him. Until Liam. Liam is a fresh breath of air. Liam brings light to the darkness. Liam is everything he never knew he wanted. But now he knows. Ali wants to show Liam, prove to him that he is significant. No. He’s extraordinary. So is their story. And if you dare take a chance on them, I presume you’ll find the same.


A sexual discovery directed by a sex worker. Prominent age difference that is completely unimportant. Drug addiction relapse. And a love so bright, it will blind you.

bookisforMy advice to you is this: give this story a chance, don’t give up, and you might want to start at the beginning. I’m headed there soon…I’ll be sure to let you know how I get along with Sasha and his own true love.



TITLE: Liam For Hire (London Stories #2)
AUTHOR: A. Zukowski
PUBLISHER: Beaten Track
LENGTH: 280 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 24, 2018
BUY LINKS: Amazon, Amazon UK

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