“Cowboy Seeks Husband” by Leta Blake & Indra Vaughn


Walker Reed’s Louisiana cattle ranch is in debt after costly repairs from hurricane damage. To get the money, his family schemes to make Walker the star of a new bachelor reality series: Queer Seeks Spouse.. How hard can it be to fake interest in a dozen handsome men for a few weeks in exchange for enough money to solve all of his problems?

Roan Carmichael never got his Masters degree after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. With medical bills piling up, and a costly experimental treatment available, Roan signs on to be a suitor on Queer Seeks Spouse. While he hates having to leave his sick mother long enough to win the cash for her treatment, he’s willing to do whatever it takes.

Can two men who are just in it for the money fake their way into real and lasting love? Cowboy Seeks Husband, the latest book by Vespertine authors Leta Blake and Indra Vaughn, features a cowboy, a hipster, opposites attract, steamy scenes, and heart tugging moments that will leave you wanting more.


It’s been a long time since I started a book before bed and read until dawn. I can count on my fingers how times I have forgone sleep because I was at an authors mercy. This story snagged me, consumed me, and is still holding me tight. The little sleep I caught was filled with horses, sharks, and catfish. And now, here I am, bleary-eyed, talking about them while I sip my much-needed coffee. Yes, it’s silly and funny. Yes, it’s based on an “unscripted” (not) “real life matchmaking” (again, not) reality show. Yes, the passion begins a bit down the dusty road. And yes, at the core it’s about two men, struggling with life and looking for relief in the means of financial support. But when it comes down to it, it’s so much more.
Their reasons are different but both Walker and Roan are driven to desperate measures when they agree to participate in the new gay bachelor reality show, Queer Seeks Spouse. This is the first season, so the pressure is on. Walker isn’t really looking for love and certainly not a husband. His best friend threw his hat in the ring, never expecting him to be selected. Alas, here he is and suddenly he has the chance to save his family’s ranch. Roan’s driving force is heartrending. He’s an only child raised by his single mother and she’s the crux of his world. And she’s terminal, on the verge of losing a short but fierce battle with cancer. He would do anything for her, including subjecting himself to unwanted drama at the hands of reality tv. This premise isn’t new. But what’s distinct with this ‘opposites attract’ and ‘fake romance’ is the characters and their accidental fall. They weren’t supposed to actually fall in love. This was just a pseudo-affair leading the way to a fat paycheck. Right? Hmmm…..


I enjoyed this writing collaboration and hope there are many more stories to come. We are taken behind the scenes and experience the inner workings of reality television. I wasn’t fond of the production team, which I’m sure was intended. Most of the competing bachelors are distant and fuzzy. I didn’t mind. I was grateful that only the small handful of significant guys were brought into the light. It could easily have become heavy with too many faces. Ben and Chad stood right out and I enjoyed both immensely. I’m hoping we see more of Ben in the future, he deserves a fairy tale ending!

loveWalker. *sigh* A genuine cowboy. Manners, respect, dedication…and a huge heart. He cherishes his parents, cares for his hired hands and loves tending to the everlasting needs of the ranch. Perhaps he is lonely but he’s been too busy to notice. After he’s survived the circus of this “production” he might have time to spare for a man. Maybe. But this six-week ordeal has one purpose and one purpose only…cold hard cash. When a cutie in a bow tie stumbles onto his porch, well, let’s just say he makes quite the impression. The smart thing would be to eliminate him and remove the distraction. But every time he sees him or interrupts a private conversation, he finds his soft spot for the man growing. Roan doesn’t know what he’s doing. He remembers why he’s come to the ranch (as if he could forget) but at times he questions his sanity. He shouldn’t be away from his mom, he shouldn’t be falling for this humid foreign land…and most of all, he definitely shouldn’t be smitten with Walker. Just when the sparks catch fire and threaten to become an inferno, the air is sucked out. I held my breath, my eyes welled and I couldn’t put it down. And honestly, what’s not to love about that??


As with any reality show, I think it’s important to suspend…reality. There is a timeline…it moves along quickly and takes a sorrowful turn. And a late night horse ride that will burn into your memory…singe and sear baby.


bookisforI smiled, snickered, wept, and melted. If you’re looking for the full monty of feels, this little lion and his cowboy are exactly what you need.



TITLE: Cowboy Seeks Husband
AUTHOR: Leta Blake & Indra Vaughn
PUBLISHER: Leta Blake Books
LENGTH: 306 pages
RELEASE DATE: February 28, 2019

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