“Play Hard” by Avery Cockburn


“I’ll always want more of you.”

Robert McKenzie lives to work. He’s fresh out of university as a video-game entrepreneur, and his new app could actually save lives. But burning the candle at both ends means missing out on the best parts of his own life—including his boyfriend, Liam.

Liam Carroll works to live. His job as a bartender pays the rent—if not always the heating bill—and that’s plenty for now. But Robert’s workaholism reminds Liam his own life is going nowhere, and his own dreams are scaring the pants off him.

To jolt them out of their ruts, Robert invents a new game: He and Liam are to take turns offering each other sexy new challenges with irresistible rewards.

Of course, Robert gets more than he bargained for, as Liam takes their game in one surprising direction after another. Whether it’s in the bedroom, on the football pitch, or at the pub (or even the supermarket?), the things they learn about each other—and themselves—could change their lives forever.


More Glasgow Lads? More Liam and Robert? Aye, and they are pure dead brilliant! I always enjoy checking in with couples that I adore “later on” to see what’s happenin. Especially when it’s a couple that’s just as silly and they are sexy. Liam and Robert have been together forever but the dynamic changed when they ventured from best mates to boyfriends. And despite being perfectly suited they are still navigating the fresh waters of their enhanced relationship. They love each other fiercely and they are happy…enough. But could it be better? Are things slipping into a groove of convenience? And what can they do about it? Life is kicking them in the arse. How can they ensure their link remains tight? Recognizing a priority shift is in order is the first step. Creating a delightful (ahem and kinky) game of sorts is the next step. And allowing their competitive streak to obliterate doubts and drifts brings victory. If you loved them before, I am certain you will…fall head over heels this second time around.


Robert and Liam are facing a crossroads that many couples experience. The turning point of moving forward and holding steady. Robert is racing along on a fast track of success, paving his way with blood, sweat, and tears. Oh wait? That’s footie! He’s been given a chance to make his dream career happen and he’s not about to disappoint. He has no choice but to throw himself into his work 26 hours a day. He loves what he’s doing but to say it’s time-consuming would be an understatement. Juggling his compulsive workaholic tendencies and football and Liam, well, some things are slipping. He’s been distracted from his personal life because he’s so intently focused on his professional life. To make matters worse, Liam is facing the exact opposite. He IS stuck in a rut but he likes this particular rut thank you very much. He likes his job serving at the pub. Course he doesn’t want to do it forever, but he’s in no rush to move along. Because it’s not just his future he’s taking a gamble on. Food in the cupboard and a bit of heat at night are not luxuries he’s taking for granted. And truth be told, he’s a bit scared of what lies ahead. But yer aff yer heid if you think he’ll admit it.



Avery shakes up their predicament with sharp Scottish humor and smoking hot loving. I adored their playful snark. They are quite a pair and push each other higher and higher. It’s always refreshing when a couple shares a continuous loop of energy and bring out the best in both partners. And the challenges! Gahhhhh! So. Much. Fun. I couldn’t fight the grin on my face if I wanted to. In addition to the silly and the sexy, there is an added layer of feels. It was awesome seeing some of the rest of the gang again too. If I had to find a fault, I’d only wish it was longer. Which would be greedy since it’s a novella, but I can admit when I’m feeling needy. And the Glasgow Lads bring out my gluttonous side, I feel insatiable when I venture into their world. I’m hoping they continue to carry on because I intend on following them every step of the way.



Established relationships aren’t everyone’s bag, but I couldn’t get enough. This is definitely not a stand-alone, please proceed in proper order. And naughty boys turn up the heat, prepare for some steamy seduction.


bookisforGlasgow Lads fans!



TITLE: Play Hard (Glasgow Lads #4.5)
AUTHOR: Avery Cockburn
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 135 pages
RELEASE DATE: April 23, 2019

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