“Lying with Scorpions” by Aleksandr Voinov


If you lie with scorpions, you’d better have a taste for poison.

Now that Kendras’s lover Adrastes has claimed the throne of Dalman, Kendras is tangled deeper than ever in politics and intrigue. As the new leader of the Scorpions and Adrastes’s one true friend, he and his men stand between Adrastes and those who wish him dead.

And many do. Adrastes openly challenges the ocean priesthood for power while establishing himself at court and brokering with the realm’s various factions. He means for the Scorpions to become a fearsome legion again, but Kendras must first learn how to be a good officer and recruit to replace the fallen. His choices will determine the future of a group steeped in hundreds of years of history and tradition.

As both Kendras and Adrastes settle old scores, a new enemy arises in Commander Graukar, a war hero loyal to the old order. In his formidable mountain fortress, Graukar may hold the balance of power. But while Adrastes aims to either rule or destroy Graukar, Kendras finds himself doubting Adrastes for the first time, and sharing more with Graukar than he ever thought possible.


48 hours ago I began round two of this stupendous series. I was certain I was prepared for this new branch in the Scorpion’s journey. Ha! Such a comical notion. I was perched on the edge and then blown out of my seat. Completely gobsmacked. I mean, whoa! *blinks* I did NOT see that coming!? The twists were sharp, the flips intense, and yet again, I find myself marveling at Voinov’s penning mastery. It was like a crazy storm. The thunder rumbled and the heartbeats between the crash and the strike decreased with every chapter. Gaining momentum and strength, it never calmed. Once I finished, I went back and started again to assure I didn’t miss a single thing the first time through. I find myself book-weary once again. Kendras has stolen a piece of my heart and I’ve accepted that I will never see it again.


loveBefore I gush, I must admit that I’m slightly perturbed with Kendras. I get it, I do…BUT! That doesn’t mean I have to love the new strains on his relationship with Adrastes. Things end in the first book with such promise that I had high hopes for…I suppose…romance? And romance this is not. What it is, however, is passionate, loving, and carnal. Of course, that’s in the midst of conflict, combat, and carnage. And though it took me in a completely different direction than expected, I was enraptured. I’m dying for the next and final book but I’m considering taking another break. Once I start, I know I will surrender to the pages and will skip meals and refrain from sleep. I found myself reading through watery eyes because I just…couldn’t stop. Vivid scenes flash in my mind’s eye and I could swear I was there. Which was rather scary at times!
The complexity of the elaborate plot is truly brilliant. Voinov pulls it off with such finesse it seems effortless. There is profound beauty in such a feat. From the exceptional characters to the exquisite writing to the astonishing chain of events, it’s the total package. The plot thickens with new faces. I was wary of Graukar initially, but that didn’t last for long. Runner quickly proved to be a worthy and valuable addition. Kiran earned the highest honor and secured his formal position with the Scorpions. Despite the challenges and internal battles, there is a great deal of progress. Things are changing. The men are changing. Times are changing. Can Kendras find his place with his king and his Scorpion family? And could he possibly make room for not just a lover but a partner? I couldn’t fathom a single thing rivaling his love for his king but then again, I didn’t know Graukar existed. It’s rare that I support shifting love affairs. Especially, unconditional love. Kendras would have proudly given his last breath to save Adrastes. Except that Adrastes is gone. Consequently, everything has changed. I am equally ecstatic and terrified to see how Kendras will survive the mayhem that is sure to come. Perhaps I should nap and have a snack first?



Betrayal. Kendras can tell himself all the lies he wants but at his core, he can’t deny his deception and deceit. War. Surrounded by danger, it’s impossible to determine friends from foe. Politics. Power hungry, misguided ambition and newfound wealth prove to be a deadly combination.


bookisforIf you haven’t read this trilogy yet, I highly recommend that you do so. You must start at the beginning and you ought to plan on settling in for all three. I can confirm I do indeed have a taste for poison. What do you want to bet you will too?



TITLE: Lying with Scorpions (Memory of Scorpions #2)
AUTHOR: Aleksandr Voinov
PUBLISHER: 44 Raccoons
LENGTH: 317 pages
RE-RELEASE DATE: December 23, 2018

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