“A Taste for Poison” by Aleksandr Voinov


Even the hand of a king is stung when it reaches for the scorpion.

After barely surviving an assassination attempt, King Adrastes is a changed man—one who mistrusts even his allies and friends. He readies his empire for war against an enigmatic enemy, the Elder of Vededrin, but not everyone approves. While courtiers dare only to whisper dissent, an outrider called Death foments rebellion in the mountains, aided by a prophecy that promises he’ll stop the Black King.

Kendras—former lover to Adrastes and leader of the Scorpions—is sent with his elite mercenary force to bring Death to justice. But when Kendras learns who’s hiding behind the mask, he must choose between his lover Graukar, newly appointed general to the king—and King Adrastes himself.

With no man to call master, the Scorpions could flee the danger and intrigue. But Kendras cannot abandon the man he once loved—or the man he’s growing to love—without first uncovering the real threat to the Empire. 


There are times I worry about my high book expectations. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s even possible to fulfill my lengthy list of desires. Then Aleks swoops in and delivers everything I never knew I wanted or needed. This makes me ridiculously happy. I felt this story…deeply. Kendras became important to me. For days on end, I was consumed with his volatile adventures. I was distracted from my everyday routine. I dreamed of him, day and night. Quite often a story snags my attention and I’m captivated while reading. And then I put it down. Rarely does a story grip me and hold me long after I have finished. This story, this series, seized me and still hasn’t let go. Nearly everything I want to share with you could ruin this segment of this series and I refuse to spoil. So, as much as I want to tell you what I thought about this and that…I won’t. But I can tell you this was an awesome finale to this legendary series.


loveNot only do I find Kendras purely fascinating but altogether impressive. He never stops. Refuses to give up. Which ultimately, is the truth of a Scorpion. No matter what happens, no matter how helpless the situation may be, he always believes he can make it. I was thunderstruck by the previous book and thought I had an inkling where things were headed here. I was wrong. Again. Ha! I should know better than to try to predict, but I couldn’t stop the storm of emotions that swept over me. I was nervously excited. I was horrified and furious. I was so very sad. And then…my tears dried and my fists relaxed. The spring sun warmed my face and my heart lifted. Kendras is forced to make difficult decisions. In doing so, he discovers inner strength he never knew he had. Which, if you know his past, that’s saying something. When I really think about it, I believe Kendras is the strongest soul I’ve had the book pleasure of meeting. He’s a survivor. He’s a warrior. He could have many things but his heart’s true desire is quite simple. The tone was different in this final act. The most powerful moments were also the quietest. There was action, shock, and awe. But it was the silence that took my breath away. Voinov delivers a stunning storyline that sets these Scorpions in a league of their own. I long to ramble about each and every one of them. They all deserved my praise. Again I’m going to be rather tight-lipped. Trust me, this is best discovered firsthand. But! Special shout out to Graukar. *sigh*
I also have many favorite lines but this, this one shimmered, “Just because it has never been done doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be.”
Thank you for sharing Kendras and his conflicted and complicated path with us. I promise to always hold him close to my heart.

Ohh! And the new covers are outstanding!



A formidable finale. Magnificent characters are a force to be reckoned with. And a book fever that burns fiercely. If there’s an anti-venom, I think I’ll pass.


bookisforIf you like; fantasy, historicals, soldiers, and unparalleled romance then I suggest you start at the beginning and prepare for an unforgettable memory.



TITLE: A Taste for Poison (Memory of Scorpions #3)
AUTHOR: Aleksandr Voinov
PUBLISHER: 44 Raccoons
LENGTH: 265 pages
RE-RELEASE DATE: December 23, 2018

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