“Close to Home” by Cate Ashwood


I excelled at two things: systems engineering and going completely unnoticed. 
The engineering took work and determination. The invisibility came naturally. Until one day, the wrong person noticed me. Battered and broken, I fled, escaping to Sawyer’s Ferry and the only friends I’d ever had.
Now, I just needed to figure out what I was going to do next. 

Life was good. 
I had a great job, good friends, and a family who loved me. Even my roommate was decent. At least he was until he let his nudist brother come to visit. The opportunity to house-sit and help an injured friend couldn’t have come at a better time.
All I’d needed was to avoid an awkward situation for a few days, but I got more than I bargained for when my entire uncomplicated life flipped upside down. The last thing I’d been looking for was love, but it wasn’t until Witt that I realized just how much I’d been missing out on.


Ouchie. I’m still feeling this one Cate. I’ve adored this series so far and was beyond excited awaiting this release. And…I didn’t quite expect the turn of feels. Not that it was bad it was just….startling. Witt is a victim of a brutal attack. We join him as he is trying to escape his assailant. Yowza, it was a piercing start. My throat was dry and my hands clenched. I was nervous and upset. Ashwood saves the day by delivering Witt’s battered body to the very capable hands of my favorite doctors in Sawyer’s Ferry. Instantly, everything got better. I’m always happy and content in this beautiful small town. Logan and Jackson take him in and help him during his recovery. A hitch in the plans (thank you fate!) results in Mason staying with Witt for a few weeks. Family obligations (yes, I am definitely intrigued!) and a previously planned vacation take Logan and Jackson out of town for a few weeks. Which gives plenty of time for the bubble of attraction to expand into something much greater.

LikeI felt a spark from Mason when we met him in the previous book. I was very much looking forward to his turn in the spotlight. Witt made an impression during his introduction too. I was also eager to return to Alaska and the delightful cozy gang in Sawyer’s Ferry. Cate makes it feel as though I’m coming home (despite never actually visiting!) and I’ve grown fond of the tight-knit growing group of guys. I was slightly concerned about the timing after Witt’s attack but I think the pacing and development of their relationship progressed at a reasonable speed. I hated the villain immensely and felt Witt’s trepidation and nerves like a palpable force. I longed for his recovery and was ever so grateful that he had Mason to ease him through it.



Most of my favorite moments were the quietest. I found comfort in their silence and even the heavy-laden scenes held the promise of healing. Essentially that’s the core of this story; the healing powers of love. There was profound intimacy in their survival. I relished in the solace they gave each other. They were swept away in their gentle friendship and it was gorgeous to watch them get lost in one another. Yes, it was a quick fall. Yes, there were extenuating circumstances. Yes, I still squeed and swooned. And the ending was everything I had hoped for and more.



Palpable pain. Real-time recuperation demonstrates how deceiving things can be and wounds on the inside may take longer to heal. Swift and sweet swooning. And a villain you’re bound to despise.



Yeah, you guessed it…Sawyer’s Ferry fans will want to grab this one. Just know that the vibes are different but these guys are just as grand as the rest of the gang.


TITLE: Close to Home (Sawyer’s Ferry #4) 
AUTHOR: Cate Ashwood
PUBLISHER: self-pub

LENGTH:  2589 KB
RELEASE DATE: June 11, 2019

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