“The Glass House” by Suki Fleet



At 17 Sasha is a little lost and a lot lonely. He craves friendship but his self-destructive tendencies cause problems and he pushes people away.
Every day he collects glass for the sculptures he makes and every day he dies a little more inside. Until he meets Thomas.
Thomas is shy but sure of himself in a way Sasha doesn’t understand. He makes it his mission to prove to Sasha that everyone deserves to be loved, and doesn’t give up even when Sasha hurts him.
Their friendship becomes more than Sasha ever thought possible. And when Sasha is forced to confront his past he realizes that accepting he is worthy of the love Thomas gives him is the only way to obliterate the darkness.


I don’t read much YA or NA these days but I will never be able to resist one of Suki Fleet’s stories. I’ve had this one patiently waiting, stored in my Kindle for an embarrassing length of time. I just wasn’t ready. And that’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, sometimes you’re not ready for a book and should wait until it calls you. If you’ve never experienced a Suki story before you might not understand this. Their stories are not easy “beach books” or lighthearted “happy-go-lucky” stories. They are profound and reach deep into your core. Navigating the intricate web of intense feels of Suki stories is unlike any other authors work I’ve ever read. I throw all my expectations out the window and in all honestly, care very little about where the plot may take me. Which is always strangely fascinating to me; I don’t care where the story takes me, I’m just grateful to tag along with the spectacular characters. The Glass House was no different…I held on and let the story take me away.


As always with Suki’s stories, the journey is difficult. It’s as if you’re trekking up harsh terrain, struggling to reach the top of the mountain and when you do, the clouds clear and the beauty takes your breath away. It’s always worth it. Suki’s stories are always worth it. Having the chance to spend time with Sasha and Thomas was worth it. The beginning of their story is rather quiet. Pieces of the puzzle are slowly clicking into place. Some are jagged and hurt to hold. Others are smooth and pleasant to click together. The relevance of the glass is the epitome of why I adore Fleet’s writing. I honestly didn’t care where I went with them, as long as I had the chance to join them on their path. Which leads me to what I love the most…


Sasha and Thomas are the heart and soul of this story. I was slightly nervous at first (silly me) because I didn’t connect straightaway with Sasha. Which, actually, is his intention. He doesn’t allow anyone to connect…until Thomas. Suddenly his biting words are laced with regret. He has never wanted anyone inside his carefully constructed walls before and it’s unsettling how much he craves Thomas. The warmth of their friendship blossomed into a gentle romance that left me with butterflies in my stomach. A brush of fingers, an impromptu picnic, and a priceless birthday gift are just a few of my favorites. I loved how they came together, grew together, and have no doubt they will grow old together. In the end, my heart was flying and I am so grateful that they found each other.



Notable triggers would include abuse, both domestic and sexual. Although rape did not occur on page, the pain from the festering wounds is palpable. A shattering moment of paramount importance will bring tears to your eyes. A virgin of the heart and virgin of the body enlighten one another with ultimate tenderness. And a nan that you can’t help but adore.


bookisforIf you’re looking for a powerful and moving tale about two young men, I urge you to give Sasha and Thomas a chance. I promise you won’t ever forget them.



TITLE: The Glass House
AUTHOR: Suki Fleet
PUBLISHER: Stars and Ink Press
LENGTH: 290 pages
RE-RELEASE DATE: July 11, 2018
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK

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