“Paint it Black” by Amy Lane


A Beneath the Stain Novel 

Everybody thinks Mackey Sanders and Outbreak Monkey is the last coming of Rock’n’Roll Jesus, but Cheever Sanders can’t wait to get out of his home town and make a name for himself where nobody expects him to fill his famous brothers’ shoes. He’s tired of living in their shadow.

Blake Manning knows the feeling. He’s been Outbreak Monkey’s second lead guitarist for ten years. He’s come to terms with the fact that he’ll never be Grant Adams, the guy he replaced, and that Kell Sanders will never love him like Mackey loved Grant. He got this gig on luck and love, not talent. So watching Cheever blow through Outbreak Monkey’s hard-earned money in an epic stretch of partying pisses him off.

Blake shows up at Cheever’s nonstop orgy to enforce some rules, but instead of a jaded punk, he finds a lost boy as talented at painting as Mackey is at song-making, and terrified to let anybody see the real him. It’s something he and Blake have in common.

Both men have to make peace with being second banana in the public eye. Can they find the magic of coming absolute first with each other?


Disclaimer- this cannot be compared to the first.
It was especially different for me because I was one of those poor souls that clung to each installment and waited for every other Thursday to strike midnight so I could have my next fix.
Serial reading Beneath the Stain was glorious but torturous at the same time.

This is Cheever’s chance and I cursed him and cheered for him and loved him.
This is Blake’s new beginning and I cried for him and believed in him and loved him.
Hurt. Healing. Harmony.
At almost 500 pages I’m exhausted.
But to be honest, I was exhausted within the first fifty.


Ten seems to be the magic number. Nearly ten years have passed for the guys. There are ten years between Cheever and Blake. And it felt like BTS was released ten years ago! Ha. Kidding. There certainly was a gap between the books and whatever the reason was, I’m just grateful the boys wouldn’t shut up and insisted Amy continue their story. Because I love this crazy group of misfits and could read about them till they are old and gray. I did not elect to reread the first and I’m okay with that. Beneath the Stain was such a powerful journey for me, I’d rather leave it untouched. Afterward, I was glad that I didn’t reread because I think that despite the fact this is a sequel, the books are vastly different. Because Mackey and Cheever are vastly different. BTS was Mackey while PIB is Cheever. Which reminds me, can we give him a nickname? Please? Maybe CJ? Chez? Something! Anywho, don’t worry if you haven’t read BTS for a few years, Lane takes us back and provides flashbacks to highlight what we need to remember. I found the first few chapters crucial to slipping seamlessly into their world again. Fame and fortune are hard-won and carry extra weight. The brothers have settled into the land of grown-ups with responsibilities and expectations. It’s not just Outbreak Monkey against the world anymore. There are wedding bands and children and the chores of real life. Cheever was left behind in more than one aspect. Fighting his demons alone took him to a slippery slope and suddenly he couldn’t stop the slide. Blake swoops in and pulls him back. And this time when Cheever’s fog clears, everything looks different. To survive he can’t do it alone. Turns out…he doesn’t have to.


loveThis is Blake and Cheever’s story but everyone is present and accounted for. My heart was so full spending time with Outbreak Monkey again. I can’t believe how much they have changed yet how much was the same. I adore Blake and I’m thrilled he found his ‘happy’. He deserves it. Always in the shadows, a loyal and steadfast adopted ‘brother’ he never wanted much. Or perhaps it was that he never thought he was worthy of much? His huge heart was overflowing but draining at the same time. He needed someone to refill him and recharge him. He needed Cheever. I was slightly skeptical of Cheever at first but once he let us in, he stole my heart as well. He covered his hurt and tried to hide his pain. Turning to drugs gave him an escape from his continuous loop of torture. He had a plan and was going to slide by with his talent and show everyone what he was made of. When he fell short from reaching his desired destination, he shattered. Blake comes to his rescue and can’t get over the secrets Cheever has been hiding. He’s also shocked to find the man who was the boy he once knew. But Cheever is family and his best friends brother…he can’t fall in love with him. Or is loving him exactly what he’s meant to do? Their road is rugged with wicked turns, but they figure out together they can make it through anything. Together they are a force to be reckoned with…because with love, there is always light.



Oh, mercy! Where do I begin? Triggers are aplenty: rape, addiction, overdose are the top 3. However, the healing, recovery, and revival will soothe your battered heart. The music, the poetry, the art will burn into your soul. And if you’re searching for the epitome of the tremendous power of love, look no further.


bookisforBeneath the Stain groupies need this book. And if you don’t know Outbreak Monkey, start at the beginning and…good luck.



TITLE: Paint it Black (Beneath the Stain #2)
AUTHOR: Amy Lane
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
LENGTH: 496 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 13, 2019
BUY LINKS: Dreamspinner Press, Amazon

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