“Fated Hearts” by Garrett Leigh


“He’s not a wolf.”

Devastated by the death of his best friend, Zio is a soldier with one thing on his mind: revenge. Consumed by a conflict that’s raged as long as he’s been alive, he’s had little time or inclination to learn the legends of the shifter world he was raised in. And he certainly doesn’t have time to deal with a shifter of a different kind, even if it’s for the good of the war effort. For the good of his pack. The fact that he’s already crossed paths with the new face in his unit is almost irrelevant.


Do no harm. Give life not death: it’s the oath Devan was reborn to live by, so when he’s sent abroad to embed with a wolf pack as their resident healer, he doesn’t hesitate. In the supernatural world, some bonds are instant—soldiers become brothers, pack become family. But others run deeper and before long, Devan’s at the mercy of instincts he can’t control.

Zio’s inner wolf is desperate to be with Devan, while Devan struggles to keep the pack safe. But as the war escalates, and new love is tainted by anguish and pain, the battles within might prove the toughest of them all.

“I won’t let him die.”


Ohhh! A new shifter book. Eeek! It’s by Garrett Leigh.
But…Leigh doesn’t *do* shifters?
Wrong. She not only does them but she does them exceedingly well.
Huh? Okay, so…werewolves, right?
Nope. There’s more. Cats too. *whispers* Did you SEE that cover?!
Wait a minute! Wolves and cats?
Yep. Canines and felines.
*scoffs* That’s not gonna work.
Wanna bet?
Welcome to the party in my head. Ha! In all honesty, I didn’t doubt Leigh. Not even for a second. Why? Because she has proven time and time again that no matter what she tackles with her spellbinding pen, it’s going to be golden. The magical world of Shadow Bound caught me within the first few pages and never let go. I fought the curse of a stunning story and wavered between racing to the finish and slowing my roll to savor every page. Of course, I caved and read like a madwoman to devour it but then went back and read my favorite scenes several times before I felt I could walk away. I fricking love it when I’ve been snared and can’t quite seem to leave a story. I also let out a whoop of joy when I noticed this was book 1 (yayyyyy, that means MORE!) and quickly downloaded the bonus story of Luca and Dash. What a treat…thanks, Garrett!


Things kick off with a bang…literally. There is no build-up or lull, it’s electrifying from the start. Zio is grieving and adrift. When his pack lost their healer and his best friend, the ground fell out from beneath his feet. He desperately wishes to forget for a minute, blindly searching for anything to numb the pain. Roaming the streets of London he finds liquid anesthetic at a human bar and finally seizes that dazed state he’s been hunting for. Until….until a frantic moment of pure undiluted lust brings a stranger into his arms. Without warning, he ignites a chain reaction of events that he has no control over. Or does he? The gorgeous sexy stranger that kicks every sense into overdrive isn’t going away any time soon. But they can just be packmates or maybe friends, right? After all, it’s only biology and human will is stronger than their inner beast. It must be. Because regardless of fate, their destiny doesn’t affect just the two of them. Gahhhhh! Talk about the most forbidden of forbidden love. But this is GL and you know, her boys don’t always follow the rules. Thank the moon!


loveI can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE a well-done shifter book. It’s a feat not all authors can master but was proficiently and gloriously done here. Garrett creates an impressive world brimming with intense, carnal characters. Zio is bristly and brokenhearted. His anger is palpable. He is young and short-tempered. He needs stability, security, and certainty…he needs an anchor. Devan is grounded, confident and focused on his assignment, he doesn’t have time for distractions. Especially distractions that come in the form of a surly addictively sweet-smelling soldier. He is not searching for a mate. Nope. He was sent to the pack to help heal them during this war. But what if it’s not just bodies but the soul of his mission was healing a broken heart? And hard as he tries, he just can’t….stay away. Until orders come from their alpha’s that they are absolutely positively NOT permitted to complete any bond. However, not claiming his mate proves harder than anything Devan has ever faced. My heart raced as I chased these shapeshifters to the end. I was nearly panting, out of breath and completely exhausted. Who needs to run a race when I can just slip into one of Garrett’s books?



War can be ruthless and the battles are gruesome. But the fighting doesn’t stop there, prepare for a battle of wills and battles of the heart. And their desires blaze brightly but are strictly off-limits, that is until fate demands she be obeyed.


bookisforIf you love shifter stories as I do, this is fresh take with exhilarating surprises and you need it. If you love GL specials as I do, this is an absolute must-read! If neither applies to you, my advise still stands- go quickly and go now, and let this story claim your heart too.


TITLE: Fated Hearts (Shadow Bound #1)
AUTHOR: Garrett Leigh
PUBLISHER: Fox Love Press
LENGTH: 256 pages
RELEASE DATE: Sept 10, 2019 
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK, B&N

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