“The Dichotomy of Angels” by N.R. Walker


Nathaniel and Chasan are no ordinary angels.

Destiny chose them to be twin flames, fated mates. But Nathaniel has avoided Chasan for nearly a thousand years.

When sent to Earth on a mission to live and work together, Nathaniel comes face-to-face with his destiny. Short-tempered, petulant, and grumpy, he hates the idea of being fated to anyone and has chosen an existence of isolation rather than spending time with the calm, kind, and serene Chasan. But now he has no choice.

One is fire, the other is air; a true dichotomy of angels. Together they will be ignited, or they will be extinguished. This assignment will seal their fate either way.


Wow…that was stupendous! I was hoping for a fantastic fun read and that is exactly what I got. It was full of high-spirited entertainment with some heavy-hearted moments tucked in. I can’t seem to recall many angel-centric stories that I’ve read lately and was reminded how much I enjoy a well done paranormal romance tale. Walker takes us to a place where angels live in a world very much like our world with some minor adjustments. Ha! Bringing them to Earth to deal with such adjustments was a riot. But in all honesty, it was the little things that I loved the most with Chasan and Nathaniel. It’s not much of a spoiler to tell you that you’ll love Chasan with ease and abundance. Nathaniel, however, is a different story. A more difficult story. Diving further into the depths of his history will undoubtedly grant you the answers to the questions bound to roll off your tongue. Sprinkle in humor and top it off with a love story for all time and well, this is what you get. Quite frankly, I couldn’t get enough.


We hop into their story after some time as passed. Only about a thousand years of neglect and hiding. Twin flames or mated angels are extremely rare. We’re talking these phenomena occur almost…never. Once it’s discovered Chasan and Nathaniel are fated the heavens should have rejoiced. Sadly, they have been waiting for such a celebration to occur for some time now. St. Peter has grown tired of waiting and decides to set things in motion. He sends his destined pair to New York City on an assignment. This is not such a big deal for Chasan, he takes assignments all the time. Well, the pairing partner is a big deal, a very big deal. But he’s going to try and play it cool. Nathaniel, on the other hand, is thrown completely out of his element. He doesn’t do assignments. He doesn’t do ‘people’ and he definitely doesn’t do anything near Chasan. At least if he can help it. It tickles me to see a surly grumpy bear turn over a new leaf…which brings me to one of the things I loved most!



Chasan is air and Nathaniel is fire. One can survive without the other but if you flip the equation, one is dependent on the other. Actually, fire can sustain without air…barely and temporarily. But for fire to burn, it needs air. And the same applies to Nathaniel. He doesn’t want to need anything or anyone. He tries to manage without. It doesn’t work so well for him. He kicks and fights and quite honestly, I wanted to kick him in the shins or other places. He was frustrating in an adorable sweet kind of way. Chasan has the patience of an angel, which is extremely lucky for his fated mate. There was a great deal of push and pull but it was the final tug that won me over. I loved their undercover lives and I loved their heavenly adventures. I loved their reminiscing of fond memories and adored their ‘friends’. I was rooting and cheering and ecstatic by the end. The tempting thread of a sequel was left twitching before my eyes and I would be thrilled to have another bout in this divine world.


A plethora of could-be, would-be and should-be’s…and maybe a few desired throttles. *cough…Nathaniel…cough*
A precious bond has been ignored and neglected…but thank the heavens, never extinguished. *cough…Chasan…cough*
Slow-burn…fire will eventually die if it’s deprived of air but combine them and it will surge and burn brightly. *cheer*


bookisforIf you’re worried about aggressive religious themes you can rest at ease. Despite its presence, I never felt uncomfortable or overwhelmed, especially considering the setting and cast. However, if you’re looking for a witty otherworldly tale of two souls destined to be together, look no further…this is precisely what you’re looking for.



TITLE: The Dichotomy of Angels
AUTHOR: N.R. Walker
PUBLISHER: Blueheart Press
LENGTH: 327 pages
RELEASE DATE: December 25, 2019

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