“Necropolis” by Jordan L. Hawk


Introverted scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne has spent the last few months watching his lover, Griffin Flaherty, come to terms with the rejection of his adoptive family. So when an urgent telegram from Christine summons them to Egypt, Whyborne is reluctant to risk the fragile peace they’ve established. Until, that is, a man who seems as much animal as human tries to murder Whyborne in the museum.

Amidst the ancient ruins of the pharaohs, they must join Christine and face betrayal, murder, and a legendary sorceress risen from the dead. In the forge of the desert heat, the trio will either face their fears and stand together—or shatter the bonds between them forever.


If I say this is my favorite, can I change my mind later? I have a feeling I might repeat this sentiment again. But I really really loved this one! It wasn’t just traveling to Egypt, although that was rather impressive, impulsive and foolhardy. It wasn’t simply that their undefeated monster streak continues, while I will admit I was bewitched until the very end. What knocked this one straight to the top for me was the growth and strength of…the essence of this series, Whyborne & Griffin. I was delighted with how their bond has tightened, their connection fortified and their love has proven unbreakable. This is exactly why I adore series with the same couple so very much. The advancement of ‘them’ brings me great joy. They trust one another implicitly and would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their beloved. *sigh* There’s something so profound when such declarations take place. Praise be, they weren’t necessary. But those selfless moments burn bright and I can’t wait to continue to see what else the universe has in the stars for them. But first…Egypt!

LikeWhyborne receives a plea for help, okay, more like demand, from Christine. She’s on-site in the midst of her excavation and requires the services of her best friend. Much to his dismay, she’s unable to explain much of anything through the post. Knowing how difficult travel and the rustic conditions are sure to be for him, Christine is calling for quite the boon. Griffin is acutely aware that what Christine cannot say is everything he should fear. Seeing how they have cast their lot together, come what may, *another sigh* he insists on accompanying Whyborne to this faraway wilderness. Which is a relief all the way around. They have demonstrated they are a formidable force…together. Especially when it comes to all three of them. Perhaps Christine will find her missing link and complete their family? Hmmmm…one never knows.



Without a doubt, my favorite part of this exhilarating adventure was Whyborne and his loyal partner, Griffin. I am powerless to their charms. I relish in their affection and can’t seem to get enough of them. Whyborne is absolutely adorable flailing so far out of his element. I love him when he’s shy and daring, vulnerable and courageous and apparently when he’s cranky and cross. Luckily, Griffin loves him sweet and saucy and enjoyed this new vinegary side the dessert brings out in his precious Ival as well. There is a LOT going on with ancient curses and superstitions. I had to concentrate on names and balancing everything else with my love struck glaze. Except for Daisy, I’ll never forget her! Despite the fast clip and eerie ghouls, I was pleasantly surprised that I was never truly lost. Of course, I chalk that up to the mastermind behind this series. Hawk delivers another stupendous installment in my new favorite fantasy world and I’ll be hot on their heels to wherever they’re headed next!



The desert is full of dangers and threats…shadows from the past and those that would rather they have no future. Family betrayal cuts deep…but the monsters try to cut deeper. Crypt crashing doesn’t always leave time for romance but never fear, they couldn’t be more in love.


bookisforNaturally, Whyborne and Griffin fans. And if you’re fashionably late to this party (nothing wrong with that!) be prepared to indulge in some of the best PNR around.



TITLE: Necropolis (Whyborne & Griffin #4)
AUTHOR: Jordan L. Hawk
PUBLISHER: Widdershin’s Press
LENGTH: 202 pages
RELEASE DATE: May 4, 2014

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