“Second Chance” by Barbara Elsborg


Ryder’s on the company bonding trip from hell, five days of competitive cycling with competitive colleagues and an even more competitive boss. Faced with yet another vertical climb, he ignores his uninvited, insistent inner cheerleader. No, he cannot keep up, and what’s more, he’s had enough. And the weather appears to agree he should stop, when sun turns in an instant to thick fog.

Callan’s at Whittaker’s Auction House to bid on fae land that his werewolf pack need as their new home, when an unsuspecting human stumbles through the door. Ryder is out of breath, out of luck, way out of his depth—and apparently the newest item on the auctioneer’s block. Unexpectedly tempting, if Callan had the money.

As the bidding heats up and Ryder proves dangerously irresistible to the assembled supernatural creatures, the situation grows more and more precarious. When Callan interferes, he puts his pack’s future in peril. Despite knowing how devious faeries can be, desperation makes Callan accept a deal, a chance to win the land for his pack and a future with Ryder. But it’s a risk. Possibly a deadly one.

This is not ‘just another Valentine’s story’, it’s a Barbara Elsborg Valentine’s story (ish). So don’t expect the usual sonnets and flowers and Cupids, but do expect the unexpected – vampires, weres, witches and warlocks. Oh, and a vengeful fae. Things are not quite as they may seem. You have been warned!


This was….different.
And unexpected…yet expected.
I was lost…then found.
Cold…hot…and hotter.
Am I making any sense? Probably…not.
Sounds about right.

Seriously though, it was not surprising that I enjoyed this but it was surprising in itself. I’m a huge fan of Elsborg and relish in her flair, which spans all the way across the board. I have yet to work my way through her paranormal romance backlog but I look forward to the day I do. This story ran the lines of a novella but was packed full to the brim. I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on initially and wandered along, picking up pieces of the puzzle as the pages zipped by. The blurb grants us limited information and I’m going to follow suit. Sorry, but it’s for your own good!
Let’s see, why don’t we break down what we know…we know Ryder is on a bike trip with his coworkers and boss. We know he’s not thrilled to be subjected to such outdoor adventures aka torture. He also has a nagging inner monologue that doesn’t always agree with him or shut up. What we don’t know is how witty and adorable he is. He also has a generous heart, winning smile and pure soul. Sounds like quite the catch, doesn’t he? The fae realm (he’s accidentally stumbled into) agrees and quickly slips him into the list of potential prizes to be won at the auction house. Whoa!? Say what now? Oh yeah, that erratic weather, the spontaneous fog? Yep, I can assure you that bike accident was not an accident after all.
What happens when Ryder is tossed into the supernatural world? Callan is what happens. Who’s Callan? What do you mean?!
*sing-song voice* I’mm not telllling. Okay, fine…I’ll share a smidge more…

I found the hazy details intriguing and couldn’t wait to find out some answers. I wanted to know what in the world or otherworld was going on! Then as soon as I had the big ‘ah-ha!’ moment, my heart melted. However, I knew the guys may not agree with my sentiment and was on edge, nervous for them to put everything together. Would they be happy? Confused? Upset? Or a mix of all three? This was a bizarre and eccentric bunch. When the climax hit, some eager soul hit the repeat button multiple times. Quite honestly, I didn’t mind. Ha. Wolves are notoriously primal and often overzealous and their passion is not excluded. Elsborg pulls it all together and I was delighted with how it all played out.


bewareYou’ll probably get lost…that’s the theme here, but never fear! You will be found. You’ll probably notice the pheromones and temperature rise, it definitely gets HOT in here. And I imagine you’ll grasp the moment of golden opportunity where fate says, how about another go?



If you’re in the mood for a fun, quirky and extraordinary read…why not give this one a chance?



TITLE: Second Chance
AUTHOR: Barbara Elsborg
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 119 pages
RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2020
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK

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