“The Mating of Michael” by Eli Easton


Everyone admires Michael Lamont for being a nurse, but his part-time work as a gay sex surrogate not only raises eyebrows, it’s cost him relationships. Michael is small, beautiful, and dedicated to working with people who need him. But what he really wants is a love of his own. He spends most of his time reading science fiction, especially books written by his favorite author and long-time crush, the mysteriously reclusive J.C. Guise.

James Gallway’s life is slowly but inexorably sliding downhill. He wrote a best-selling science fiction novel at the tender age of eighteen, while bedridden with complications of polio. But by twenty-eight, he’s lost his inspiration and his will to live. His sales from his J.C. Guise books have been in decline for years. Wheelchair bound, James has isolated himself, convinced he is unlovable. When he is forced to do a book signing and meets Michael Lamont, he can’t believe a guy who looks like Michael could be interested in a man like him.

Michael and James are made for each other. But they must let go of stubbornness to see that life finds a way and love has no limitations.


And this was it. Exactly what I was waiting for. Was the build-up worth it? Was it everything I had hoped for? Yes, yes and YES! I absolutely adored this final tale in the trio of Sex in Seattle. Consider the first two well-deserved foreplay if you must but this was the peak I was craving. If I’m entirely honest, I wasn’t sold on Michael in the previous books. Intrigued, yes. Smitten, not quite. However! Now that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing his marvelous mating, I flipping love him. And James too! I was worried, just as Michael himself, that a sex surrogate may not be desirable partner material. I suppose this simply reflects my own insecurities. Michael uses unique techniques in his patient care. Touch therapy may lead to mutual touches and ultimately a happy ending. If anything, the work that Michael does should be admired and respected. His focus is never on physical limitations or differences but straight into a person’s soul. There are few humans that possess such a gift. Truthfully, I think Michael is a treasure and couldn’t wait for him to find his beloved. It wasn’t an easy path but the best things never are, are they?


Fan meets favorite author and falls in love? Yes, please! I was feeling Michael’s nerves as well and was pretty anxious to meet James myself. Actually, he thought he was meeting his beloved author at the time and had no idea it was the love of his life. Ooooh myyyy, I loved their first meeting. Adorable! Michael can’t believe his luck. His all-time favorite author, confirmed recluse, is finally taking himself public and doing a book signing…in Seattle, his town, of all places. It’s a dream come true but in all honesty, he wasn’t quite prepared for J. C. Guise. They had a tentative beginning that blossomed into a delicate friendship. Which is par for the course for James. He’s cautious and rightly so. Growing up in a children’s home, without any family to rely on has forced him to become self-sufficient. Add in his disability and James hasn’t had the easiest childhood. He’s a grown man but that doesn’t erase his vulnerable spots. Needing, trusting and depending on another person is not familiar to him. Yet, Michael breaks through all his barriers and allows him a taste of what he could have. If only…



…love was enough. *sigh* Love can bring two individuals together but is it enough to bind them? I’m afraid not. There are times that love will test all boundaries and push every limit. This is when trust and faith come into play. James doesn’t give either away easily, the past has proven he has little reason to grant such liberties. I loved how they came together. I loved how they overcame obstacles together. I loved how they loved one another. Gahhh! I loved their ‘mothers’. I loved the surge of emotions at the end. I wanted a great deal and I received a great deal. Of course, it was lovely seeing familiar faces from the previous books but there was no question this was Michael and James’ story. Thanks for this one Eli, it warmed me to the core.


bewareMichael may be an expert at touch therapy but it takes more than a deft hand to woo James. A desperate need is ignored and denied until the dam breaks and James acutely understands how much he wants and needs a special sexy nurse. And forgiveness and love truly are superpowers.



This can be read as a standalone and despite the fact it’s my favorite of the series, I wouldn’t advise you to skip them. Start at the beginning and enjoy the ride.



TITLE: The Mating of Michael (Sex in Seattle #3)
AUTHOR: Eli Easton
PUBLISHER: Pinkerton Roads
LENGTH: 240 pages
RE-RELEASE DATE: January 30, 2020

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