“The Necromancer’s Dilemma” by S.J. Himes


Even love can die without trust.

Angel’s brother, Isaac, has returned home, and the pair begin to make slow and awkward attempts back to each other. Learning how to be a brother to a grown man instead of a parental figure has Angel adjusting his behaviors and habits, and Isaac still remains a mystery. Was it merely entering adulthood that turned Isaac away from an overprotective Angel, or does Isaac carry a secret that will keep them from finally being a real family?

Daniel Macavoy, Angel’s new apprentice, is torn between his bond with Angel and the grasping machinations of his father. Dealing with a traumatized apprentice with dangerous holes in his magical education, saving Daniel may be harder than Angel first thought—especially since the biggest problem is not revenge, but guilt.

The one shining beacon in his life is Simeon, Elder vampire of Boston’s only Bloodclan. Four hundred years old and sexy as sin, Simeon is warrior and sage, patient and cunning. The strength Angel draws from Simeon’s devotion and the newborn mate-bond between them is steadfast and true…and the fount of death magic that animates the undead lord places Angel in the midst of a power struggle for control over himself, his lover, and his family.

Through it all, Angel is beleaguered by the unwanted attention of a troll-hybrid, the adventures of a dragon in the city, and a serial killer has decided to hunt the back alleys and midnight streets of Boston.


There are some things that simply get better with time. My favorite pair of jeans, a nice bottle of wine, and the love between a sassy necromancer and his vamp. Ha! It’s true. One of my absolute favorites in a spectacular series is when bonds settle into place and love grows stronger and brighter with each story. Not much time has passed since the first book but one thing is for certain, Angel and Simeon’s love. We follow them as they embark with tentative but solid steps into their new relationship and of course, fight battles along the way. The secondary cast is pulled into the limelight and we discover more about Angel’s cobblestone family. His business partner, Milly, who is more like a mother to him, is attacked and Angel sees red. No one messes with his family. Human or otherwise, they will pay. Sadly, this isn’t the last time one of his loved ones need rescuing. To top things off, his powers are going wonky and he’s struggling to control the surge building inside him. My new favorite necromancer dances his way from one predicament to another and I was more than eager to tag along. Shall I tell you a bit more?


In regards to the world-building, the heavy lifting has been done. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have new surprises along the way. Between a horrid troll, Daniel’s dreadful family and impressive fae I was entranced the entire time. There’s a serial killer on the loose and they have begun to target supernats. Murdered weres and missing vamps leave a trail that takes us on a heart-racing mission. I nearly fell from my seat from massive swooning when Angel presents Simeon with a ‘gift’. Oh sweet mercy, they are too much. And I love it.



Angel and Simeon. If I have been charmed or bewitched please don’t let it stop. Their reality fills me with bubbles of glee and I’m addicted to their drama. Yes, Angel tends to have drama knock at his door but between his awestriking powers and the endless bank from his beloved, they are a force to be reckoned with. I love how needy Simeon is with Angel’s affection. I love how easily Angel gives in when Simeon pampers and coddles him. Their love is boundless. And as much as I want to gush and babble more, I need to find out what happens after Issac relieved that heavy burden he’s been carrying. Cliffy alert!! There is a sweet treat that softens the blow though, you won’t want to miss the ‘extra’.



A gripping and thrilling adventure led by a mouthy magician and his mate. A love so true it defies all the rules. And a cliffhanger that will simultaneously leave you screaming and squealing.


bookisforIf you need an escape right now, may I suggest this spellbinding series? It’s sure to take you away and return you dazed and slightly confused…but happy.



TITLE: The Necromancer’s Dilemma (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #2)
AUTHOR: S.J. Himes
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 213 pages 
RELEASE DATE: July 1. 2016

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