“Beautiful Beast” by Roe Horvat


Beautiful Beast is a light tale of lust and love, about a beautiful dancer who keeps a wild beast locked inside him, and the man who sets it free.

Kevin used to hold himself back, trying to keep his less conventional desires to himself. With Joakim, he feels free. It’s almost as if Joakim can read Kevin’s subconscious, touching the right places at exactly the right time, and whispering the most shameless things…filthy, and oh so satisfying.

Falling for Kevin is easy. Joakim can feel it happening and he’s powerless to do anything about it. With every touch, his desire grows. Men have chased him for his money and status before, but Kevin doesn’t seem to care about any of that. Maybe this time, Joakim should let himself fall, and hope the landing will be soft.


That was…beautiful.

In tune with Roe’s exceptional style.
In harmony with ‘Those Other Books’.
In unison, they swept me off my feet.

Exquisite erotica.
Which didn’t surprise me in the slightest since Horvat created this. What did surprise me a bit was Joakim. An unforeseen wonder who quickly stole my heart. He’s confident yet vulnerable. He’s stable yet unsettled. He’s missing something and as we soon discover that certain something is actually a someone. Kevin is one of Marcus’ dancers and we’ve met him in passing in “Those Other Books.” He used to share a flat with Luke until Luke was whisked away by his boyfriends. He’s feeling adrift and restless with all the changes happening. All of his friends are settling down and are…happy. When will it be his turn? Eek! To everyone’s good fortune, his time has come.
I loved the style and pace of this story. Adorable meet-cute leads to a holy-hotness-not-to-be-forgotten first kiss with cute and sexy texting in between. I found the getting to know one another stage delightful and couldn’t wait for their fresh and tentative relationship to blossom. I also admired their bedroom talk beforehand and found the forwardness with words attractive. The explicit desires quickly went from whispered cravings to a fulfilled frenzy of passion. Kevin craves a particular dynamic and power roles that Joakim is more than happy to oblige. They are perfectly suited for one another sexually, but what about the rest? Who is Joakim when he’s not the cocksure dom in the bedroom? What else does Kevin do besides surrender his body to his lover and dance like an angel? I very much enjoyed this racy reveal and I believe you will too!


This is clearly categorized as erotica and you should expect…sex. Weddings always make me cry but be prepared to chuckle in between your sniffles. And age and money prove to be insignificant in the face of true love.


bookisforI’m not only devoted to Roe’s words but also this series for good reason. If you’ve savored these “other” couples as I have, you won’t want to miss their return and the newest duo joining the group.



TITLE: Beautiful Beast (Those Other Books #4)
AUTHOR: Roe Horvat
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 167 pages
RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2020
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK


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