“Jenson” by Meg Harding


Tired of dipping in and out of other couples’ love lives, at almost forty Jenson Delaney is ready to meet a submissive he can call his own.

Mitchell Wellington left an abusive ex in the rear view, but the mental scars linger. Moving on isn’t so easy when every thought is plagued with doubt. Chicago is a fresh start, but he has to find himself first.

An accident lands Mitchell in Jenson’s sights, and he can’t ignore his instincts to care for the young man.

There’s power in submission, and Jenson wants to take the spark he sees in Mitchell and make it burn bright.

In unfamiliar territory, both men must learn how to trust—in each other and in themselves. It’s the only way they’ll overcome the shadow of Mitchell’s past.

Jenson is Book 1 in the new Silver Screen Dom series. This story features an age gap romance, a shy but mouthy brat coming into his own, and a HEA.


If someone asks me what kind of BDSM I enjoy reading, I can easily answer that question now. This! Thank you, Meg. I always tread with caution while reading stories with such elements because the range is vast while my preferences are more limited. Jenson’s story was exactly what I’m looking for in this type of relationship. To be honest, this surprised me at first. Why? Well, I gravitate towards couples that exchange such power plays during sex and don’t live their lives constantly in their dynamic roles. I can easily succumb to the allure of such intimacy in the bedroom. But…24/7? That’s a different ballgame. And not one I’m sure I want to buy a ticket for. However, Jenson and Mitchell allowed me to see a new angle and this different view was fascinating.

I do believe ‘tags’ can be considerate and even essential at times. So, it should be noted that Michell is a survivor of domestic abuse. He escaped. Sadly, this newfound freedom doesn’t grant him the relief he deserves. Finding himself on rock bottom, he’s determined to reclaim the life he once knew. Not an easy feat considering he’s recovering from not only physical wounds but deep mental trauma as well. I loved Mitchell. Right from the start, I was cheering and hoping for his success. He may not recognize it, but he’s a fighter and I admired his strength. Then we have Jenson. Mmmm, I can’t wait for you to meet Jenson. He’s a wealthy, kinky silver fox that quickly took my breath away. He’s an acclaimed actor, but to him, it’s just a job. He’s filthy rich, but to him, it’s just money. What he wants, he doesn’t have and can’t find. A partner. And not just for a hot weekend, but a permanent partner. A boy of his very own. He’s ready to settle down and give his heart away. If only he can find the right boy.

The storyline proceeds as you would imagine but I didn’t mind. The secondary cast is bright and bubbly and I look forward to seeing them again. There was one scene that left me slightly bewildered but I easily shook off my disbelief and moved on. What I truly loved most was how Jenson loved Mitchell and in return, how Mitchell fell for Jenson. Tentative trust burns into absolute devotion. The demanding dom reminds Mitch he’s worthy and there’s great power in valuing oneself. Toss in a few dramatic scenes, some sassy loving and wicked HEA…and there you have it. Jenson’s story may not be ‘classic’ BDSM but it certainly hit all my buttons.


Domestic abuse…although the attacks are in the past the residual terror is very much present. A bit of ménage but only with open relationships. And a seasoned dom guides a novice sub and suddenly finds himself at the mercy of his lover.


bookisforIf you’re in the mood for a silver fox tending to a bruised brave young man while unintentionally surrendering his heart, this may be just what you need.



TITLE: Jenson (Silver Screen Doms #1)
AUTHOR: Meg Harding
PUBLISHER: Oceanside Press
RELEASE DATE: May 4, 2020

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