“Marc Jillson and the Gazebo” by Anyta Sunday


Want true, heart-throbbing romance? Put down the Cheetos, and stop being a jackass.

The question is, can I do it?

I’ve been an epic dick to my friends, my uncle. Him.

Travis Hunter. Photographer, econ-student, paraplegic. Can I redeem myself? Apologize? Make a fresh start?

Hunter seems to think so. Even roped me into saving his favorite gazebo from the bulldozers.

The confidence of this man amazes me. He’s no bullshit where I’m all bullshit. I throw up walls where he knocks them down.

He’s beautiful, too. Strong arms inked with hummingbirds, a wide teasing mouth, and blue eyes that read me like an open book.

He looks at me, and I look away.

These shivery feelings I have for Hunter? They can’t happen. I don’t deserve him.

Where did I put those Cheetos?

~ ~ ~

“Marc Jillson & The Gazebo” is a sweet, sexy M/M romance with humor and a definite HEA. This New Adult, college, redemption story is book two in the “Love Inscribed” series.

The books in the “Love Inscribed” series are standalone romances, and can be read in any order.


Full. I am…so full. This story has me floating with pure joy, hope, and love. Ohh, so much love. Here’s the scoop…I don’t read a lot of NA but when I do, it’s almost always a Sunday special. There’s just something about her writing that draws me in. It’s almost as if her pen has a pulse and her masterful slow-burn lights me up every time. Marc and Hunter were no exception, I was glowing right along with them. I read the first book in the series but, indeed, this can easily stand on its own without having met Liam and Quinn. Both Marc (aka Jill) and Hunter are introduced but it’s easy to grasp the gist of what parts they played before. Marc was a bully. Keyword…was. He’s swamped with guilt and shame. He was trying to impress a boy, the wrong boy, and inadvertently hurt the right boy. Luckily, the right boy has a forgiving soul. His friends are not as easily swayed but they don’t know what Hunter does. They don’t see Marc as Hunter can. Beneath the gruff exterior lies a tender marshmallow core and Hunter is determined to show the rest of the world what he knows. Gahhh, come on, I can’t wait for you to see for yourself!


Marc has made bad choices. But he’s not a bad person. He has mastered the art of bullshitting. The most abused victim is…himself. Hunter quickly sees through his disguise and can’t help desire the man inside. It helps that Marc accidentally bared his true self behind his computer screen. Yep, you guessed it. They were two gamers who spent countless hours online anonymously all summer until one day, the screen fell away. In the game, they trusted each other. While fighting demons they prove to be a formidable team. If forgiveness is granted maybe, just maybe, they can prevail in the real world too. The tension was intense, I felt like we were in a pressure cooker. But the result was worth it. So worth it.


Redemption. Buck up buttercup! It’s time to face the music. If Marc is going to move forward he must let go of the past. But how can he ask others for forgiveness when he can’t forgive himself? Maybe he just needs a helping hand? Or a swift kick in the ass? Better yet, a powerful mage! Hunter may be my favorite of all of Anyta’s guys and I would love for you to see why. He is…inspiring. My heart broke when he shares the story of his ‘accident’. I felt the click of that piece of Marc’s puzzle and the fierce determination that surged from him to do better and be better. I loved their banter. I loved their passion. I loved their meddling. I loved the extra love stories that were rescued in the wake of saving the gazebo. Destiny strikes! And I’m so thrilled that I was able to accompany them on this swoony adventure.



Second chances echo and confirm the power of love. The guys remind us that bravery and fear are always connected. And find a comfy spot to read…you’ll likely be a puddle of goo by the end. *sigh* That epilogue!


bookisforIf you’re in the mood for two young men that will warm your heart and curl your toes, check out this stunning story…Cheetos snacking is not required.



TITLE: Marc Jillson and the Gazebo (Love Inscribed #2)
AUTHOR: Anyta Sunday
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 229 pages
RELEASE DATE: May 14, 2020
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK 

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