“A Sweet Man” by Jaime Reese


Two men. One sweet dream of family and forever.

Gabriel “Bull” del Toro loves his fast-paced globe-trotting job, but aches for an honest relationship and the trust that comes with it. After a few too many heartbreaks, he’s nearly given up hope of finding that special someone.

Until Ben.

Born deaf, Ben is used to working twice as hard for what he wants, but risking a newfound friendship on an impossible dream is scary. After all, there’s one lesson he’s learned: everything is temporary—freedom, friends, even family.

Neither man expects the undeniable spark between them or for every moment together to fuel that connection. For the first time, a happily ever after is within reach, but they must trust that the dream of acceptance, family, and a place to call home is more than a sweet fantasy.

It can be forever.


There are only a handful of things that continue to bring me absolute joy as the years pass me by…The Men of Halfway House have secured their spot on my list and this new release was a sunny spot during a time of dark clouds. I savored the pages and soaked up each and every moment. My typical M.O. when I pick up one of Jaime’s books is to devour the entire book in a matter of a day or two (depending on my need for sleep) but this time I reined in all my self-discipline and only allowed a chapter or two each day. It was a reward that I greatly looked forward to and cherished. *sigh* These two, Bull and Ben, made me so happy. They were a gift and I will dance to the book gods to keep this muse chattering and politely insisting Reese must continue to grant us many more MoHH stories.


It certainly can be read as a stand-alone but I would urge you to get to know the guys first. Their history adds a rich depth that would be a shame to miss out on. If you’re familiar with this spectacular series, you’ll recognize both Ben and Bull. I didn’t foresee this pair but they are without a doubt perfectly suited for one another. I swooned, I full-body sighed, and I smiled almost the entire time. It truly was incredible timing because…I needed this slice of happiness. I held onto their elation and made it my own. I slipped into their bubble of excitement and let it wash over me. I could tell you details about the passion and tenderness, I could gush about the romance and love but I will refrain (just barely) because I believe in the power of this book and can only hope you find the same enchantment.



Gahhh, I don’t know where to start? And I honestly don’t want to divulge all their secrets. I’m going to be vague but it’s for your own good! Okay, so of course I fancy the writing. Reese always delivers a polished product. Above everything, I adored the amazing guys. I loved Ben and his quiet tenacious drive. I loved Bull and his fierce firm dedication. I loved Natalie and her bossy baking self. I loved how Bull was ‘Gabriel’ to Ben and this special distinction held importance. I loved spending time with Matt and Julian. I loved backyard family barbeques. I loved heart-racing moments that ended with splitting smiles. I loved the inclusion and balance. I loved their patience and their wildness. This spirited and sensual love story captivated me and I have all the confidence you will find yourself rapt as well.


bewareBen is deaf and this adds another layer to the story…but I believe it was handled beautifully. Bull is an honorable man of law and order…which makes him one of my heroes. There are a few numbers between the candles on their birthday cakes…I didn’t even notice. And it’s aptly named, for it’s a decadent treat.



If you’re searching for a concoction of sugar-coated with a sinful center, this exceptional pairing is just what you need.



TITLE: A Sweet Man (The Men of Halfway House #7)
AUTHOR: Jaime Reese
PUBLISHER: Romandeavor
LENGTH: 361 pages
RELEASE DATE: June 16, 2020

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