“The Making of Jonty Bloom” by Barbara Elsborg


Finding his fiancé in bed with his brother was bad enough, finding out they’re getting married is the final blow.

Devan Smith needs to cool his anger. He needs to forget the lies and betrayals and work on resetting his life. When his boss orders him to scope out a remote hotel for a possible buyout, Devan’s only interested in getting the job done and getting out. What he’s not interested in is the guy with the piercings, bleached hair, and the smart, kissable mouth behind the reception desk.

Working the hotel reception is the only thing that’s stable in Jonty Bloom’s unstable life. His best friend has had a terrible accident, his ex refuses to move on, and his eight-year-old self is still waiting for his mother to collect him from school. Jonty needs his job. What he doesn’t need is the rude, arrogant, and hot as they come guy who’s rocked up demanding he be let into his room right now.

Thrown together by a freak accident, Devan and Jonty’s lives entwine, and neither wants to loosen the knot. Can the irrepressible Jonty be the reset Devan needs? Can Devan be the making of Jonty Bloom, or will secrets drive them apart?


Cloudy. I’ve been at a loss lately and right on cue, Jonty Bloom came into my life and brought his sunshine inside. He couldn’t have timed things any better. He made me smile and laugh, it was near impossible not to catch his contagious joy. I never stood a chance and luckily, Devan didn’t either. Devan was happy…or so he thought. Until a disastrous afternoon. It wasn’t that the rug was pulled out from under his feet, more like he was punched in the gut and bitch slapped at the same time. Betrayal cut him hard and he wore an expensive armor of anger, charging like a bull into anyone who crossed his path. Jonty wasn’t fooled and saw straight through his facade. He was stuck with a goal, suddenly wanting to erase the sadness he knew was under that sexy spiky exterior. Fate played her hand and hoped love would prevail. Hint, she hit the jackpot! These two captivated me from the start; toss them into the breathtaking hidden beauty of Northumberland with some turmoil to overcome while fighting fiery attraction and I couldn’t get enough.

I always adore Elsborg’s witty and quirky characters but Jonty slipped through a crack in my heart and nestled in for the long run. His sassy spirit won me over instantly. It didn’t take long to see Devan was struggling to accept his abrupt change of path and then I was equally drawn to him. The devastation of his ex’s infidelity shattered his meticulous future and his heart. He is not a man of failure. Jonty helps him understand the power of recreating your own destiny regardless of unexpected wrecks. Jonty is resilient, resistant, and full of courage. He doesn’t let life race by even when it tries to plow him over. He stops to smell the flowers and doesn’t restrict his admiration to roses, he finds just as much pleasure in a dandelion puff. He doesn’t see weeds, he sees wishes. And that’s one of the many reasons that I adore Jonty Bloom. I’m confident I’m not alone and I can only hope he brings you as much happiness as he brought me.

**sidenote: I have a new pin in my ‘oh the places I want to go‘ board and hope I can see the beauty of Northumberland with my own eyes someday!
**AND…Yippppeeee it looks like we have another Unfinished Business story coming soon and I can’t wait!!


bewareHistory doesn’t always stay behind us and some chains are hard to break. Opposites crash and bang…yet occasionally complement and complete each other. Prepare for pure passion, in various forms.



If you’re not familiar with Elsborg’s exceptional bookshelf, I would encourage you to start here and discover the many fabulous pieces of Jonty Bloom.




TITLE: The Making of Jonty Bloom (Unfinished Business #1)
AUTHOR: Barbara Elsborg
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 241 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 1, 2020
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK

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