“Safe Heart” by Amy Lane


Search and Rescue: Book Three

Five months ago boy-band lead singer Cash Harper left Glen Echo in a hospital in Jalisco… and broke his heart.

Glen’s heart is the only home Cash has ever known. He’s spent the past five months trying to find his friend Brielle and make sense of his own instincts. Now he’s ready to be a real partner and lover to Glen—but first they have to finish their original mission.

Glen is ready for Cash to walk through his door needing help, but he is absolutely determined not to let him back into his heart. Men don’t run. Cash did. End of story.

Rescuing Brielle will take the full talents of Glen’s search and rescue company, and that means Cash needs to re-earn the team’s trust. Between Bond-villain traps, snakes that shouldn’t be there, and bad guys with guns, they all have plenty to negotiate. If Cash can prove he can stay the course and that he deserves Glen’s faith, they might survive this op whole and ready to love.


I’ve been looking forward to this story ever since I finished Silent Heart. I was curious about Glen and his skittish star Cash. I wondered if they would reconnect and stay connected. I expected a full-throttle adventure getting to that point and I got it. Reading the first two books in the series is not required but I always encourage it. Most likely my OCD tendencies but I like things in order. On the contrary, Cash has not been precise or predictable. And much to Glen’s dismay, he hasn’t been reliable. Which is…a thing with Glen. He was raised with certain expectations and cut and run definitely wasn’t one of them. This is one of those examples that age may only be a number but life experiences do stack up differently. Understanding and working with these differences is a crucial key to success with their relationship. Both of them want to find a way to make ‘them’ work but first, they have a rescue to complete. Maybe they can take care of two ops with one stone?


I always fall into an easy groove with Lane’s writing. Her stories seem to fly by and I’m nearing the end before I know it. I also loved the loose ties and shout out to my favorite guys from the past. Any mention of Outbreak Monkey has my ears perking up and my heart racing. Amy’s stories have a way of keeping my feet on the ground with my head in the sky. Things weren’t always perfect or nice but in the end, it was just right. This rescue mission wasn’t impossible but it wasn’t a breeze either. They had to work for it and work together. But isn’t that a win right there?


loveIt was easy for me to love Glen. Surly and gruff doesn’t scare me and thankfully, it doesn’t bother Cash either. Cash has a good heart and wants to do right but he’s still finding his footing and confidence. Taking part in the rescue mission involving his bestie is exactly what he needed. To realize and accept that he can be or already is equal with Glen. He doesn’t have to follow him, he can stand next to him and shoulder the responsibilities and face the dangers…together. I loved how they navigated through the story individually at first but before long, they were clearly one unit. It was great seeing Preston and Damien and of course, the dogs too. I felt like a small window was left open for more and if so, I’ll be back!



Although this is ‘their’ story, it’s not the beginning of ‘them’…you might be lost without the previous book. As Cash discovers, it’s easy to lose trust and harder to gain it. And a fly-by-the-seat of your pants adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


bookisforLane groupies, second chance (or third) fans, and anyone looking for a thrilling adventure where more than a missing friend is saved.



TITLE: Safe Heart (Search and Rescue #3)
AUTHOR: Amy Lane
LENGTH: 246 pages
RELEASE DATE: September 22, 2020
BUY LINKS: Dreamspinner’s Press, Amazon

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