“Alliance” by Annabelle Jacobs


With war, comes sacrifice….

Ryneq and Nykin return home to find the lowland armies camped along Torsere’s borders. Seran wants the dragons, and with a new witch in his ranks, war is inevitable.

With the elves at his side, Ryneq fights to keep Seran and his soldiers at bay. But they’re not prepared for the witch using old dark magic. As Nykin and the dragon riders battle a deadly attack, an unexpected betrayal forces Ryneq to make a difficult decision.

Faced with the prospect of losing his kingdom, Ryneq gambles on a plan that could ultimately save Torsere, if only they can stay alive long enough to see it through.


This is it…the thrilling finale to this magical adventure. I consumed all three books back-to-back and loved the easy flow from one to another. The second book dazzled us with glamour and glee but I was braced for book three. It’s go time…everything is on the line. The kingdom, the people, and the dragons are all precariously hanging and the winner takes all. Seran has a powerful dark witch by his side and plans on securing his victory as soon as possible. However, King Ryneq isn’t going to fall without giving it all he has, including his life. Nykin struggles with putting the kingdom before his beloved but holds steady to his faith in their triumph. He’s pulled off a rescue mission before and he’ll do it again. Well, by the gods he hopes to.


Whew! The pace is brisk but I was able to keep up without confusion. The plot is full but not overwhelming. The characters pull together and demonstrate the power of solidarity. The elves pledge their allegiance and stand ready, willing to fight till the end. The dragon riders, dragons, and army prepare to storm into the fray. The pages are brimming with courage and loyalty. The end is in sight…with only one conqueror. Eek! Jacobs delivers full-throttle with a heart-racing, nail-biting final act.



Bonds, oh such beautiful bonds! New mates…their love may be relatively new but its intensity holds great power. A dragon rider and their dragon…these bonds hold insurmountable value and are treasured by all. Friends and allies…side by side they challenge the terrors raging all around them. Never doubt a bestie! Plan on excitement and sorrow. Prepare for pain and comfort. And finally, get ready for loss and love. I’d love to tell you more but seeing as this is the last book, I need to tread lightly. But I can promise you an energetic and entertaining journey…and I’m thrilled I didn’t miss it!



Sequence dependent…you must read these in order. A fiery voyage that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And a sensational love story that you won’t soon forget!


bookisforIf you like a little magic and need a good binge, may I suggest this spellbinding trio? I mean, who wouldn’t want to fly with a dragon?!



TITLE: Alliance (Torsere #3)
AUTHOR: Annabelle Jacobs
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 321 pages
RE-RELEASE DATE: August 14, 2020
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK 

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